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Why does Wikipedia need so much money?

They keep asking for donation.

Why don't they just find some sponsors?

I don't think the website cost that much money.

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    Wikipedia doesn't need money at all. The Wikimedia Foundation pays for the servers, the bandwidth, and the software programmers who keep everything running efficiently. Fortunately, that only costs about $2.5 million per year -- and the Wikimedia Foundation has over $10 million in the bank and invested in Treasury bonds. So, even if the Wikimedia Foundation stopped begging for money for 4 whole years, you wouldn't see a bit of difference in how Wikipedia looks or operates.

    So, you may ask, why is the Wikimedia Foundation begging for $30 million this year, when it really only "needs" about $2.5 million per year? Good question! The reason is because Wikimedia executive director Sue Gardner is building a medium-sized empire of paid supporters called "staff" (about 90 in all), plus hiring a number of contractors to perform various mediocre projects, which she never discloses how much these projects cost.

    I'll leave a couple of links that help you to see what's really going on.

    Source(s): Ten reasons not to give Wikipedia money: Sue Gardner refuses to disclose contractor costs:
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    You might be right if you think of a single website (let's say, your own blog).

    But you also understand that only has almost 4 million _articles_, and that there are 280 different Wikipedias, not to mention other projects like Wikimedia Commons (almost 12 million files), Wikinews... Here you can read a quick explanation that IMHO covers sponsorships as well. Here you can read about last year expenses, while details on the future can be found on . Hope this helps!

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    Wikipedia is a huge site. Really huge. If you have ever owned a website, you'll know that it takes a lot of money to get your own [.com, .org, or .net] domain. Wikipedia has to pay for every one of those pages. Plus, would YOU like to be working for no money?

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  • 8 years ago

    Because they have stated quite a few times that they refuse to put adds on the website because that isn't what Wikipedia is about.

    They also have to pay for server space, for their employees salaries (because working for free would be kinda shitty wouldn't it?) and a bunch of other stuff.

    I can tell you right now that running servers for a website containing that much info ain't cheap.

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    It needs as much money as every other running site. It's just not as official as say Google, so they need donations from their users in order to keep it going.

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  • 8 years ago

    Let's think for a minute.....

    How much does it cost to have internet at your house?.... let's say 39.99

    what is your bandwidth?.... let's say 10GB

    How much bandwidth does it take to see one article from wikipedia

    Steve Jobs wikipedia article is about 1MB now multiply times millions of users. Imagine just how much that alone costs. Plus the cost of maintenance on servers, and personnel, they do it for free.

    If you think it should be free, then why are you paying for internet service? tell them it needs to be free...

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