How did the philosophy of Communism reach the United States?

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    The first Communist parties in the United States were founded in 1919 by dissident factions of the Socialist party. The larger, which called itself the Communist party of America, consisted of many of the former foreign language federations of the Socialist party, in particular the Russian Federation, and the former Michigan Socialist party. The other, named the Communist Labor party, was led by Benjamin Gitlow and John Reed. The parties immediately became subject to raids by agents of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and local authorities. These raids resulted in a sharp drop in party membership and, in Jan., 1920, forced the Communists to go underground.

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    Communism spred to North America by the Hutterian Brethren. A group still practising this form of society as followers of Jakob Hutter.

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    There were plenty of Bolshevik supporters who emigrated to the US from eastern Europe.

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    it,s always been here, in some form. you can vote for communist presidential candidates every four years.

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