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How to Clean Aquarium Gravel without a Gravel Vacuum?

I know that you are supposed to do like 25-50% water changes each week, along with vacuuming the gravel, but unfortunately I don't have a gravel vacuum, and I can't rush out to get one :(

Is there another way that would be okay to clean the gravel without having to use a gravel vacuum?

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    you could try to clean the gravel with a net (improvise) or you could find a tube to substitute for the gravel cleaner. other than that youre a bit out of luck

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    scoop it out and put it in a basic kithcin sipv or how ever spelt and just run tap over it and shake it because i have shingle in my tank and for the exact gravel from fish store was £22 or it was £3 bag from builders merchants so put it in sipv and shook it and its spotless now and looks good in my tank.

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