why is my 04 Ford F150 stalling?

My F 150 starts and drives like a champ, had a tune up but the engine light has come on recently. When i idle at a stop light or just slow down to almost a full stop the engine will die. The engine starts again with no problem but want to stall every time when stopping

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  • 8 years ago
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    Go to a place like autozone and have the codes read before you spend any money. Or buy a cheap one.

  • 8 years ago

    ROD, you have a dirty IDLE AIR CONTORL VALVE> On FORD engines, this thing is removable for cleaning. It is held inplace on your intake manifold with TWO 8mm headed screws. Use SEAFOAM and Gumout spray to remove the jambed up carbon that is preventing this valve from working. Clean the exposed two chambers, as well. This valve is responsible for fine tuning of fuel mixture and idle speed at low engine RPM's. THe REASON that these valves get dirty is the prolonged use of WAX based engine oils, like the BIG V. Motor flush your engine, and use MOBIL ONE 0W_#) engine oil. You will only need to change the oil once yearly. HINT: Hopefully, you are using either Bosch Fusion or Denso Iridium spark plugs. These "tuning instruments" will burn more fuel more fcompletely, prevent much carbon and contaminant formation, and prolong oil change intervals. By their NATURE, the precious metals will chemically react with fuel, causing a more efficient burn with EACH piston stroke. Your MPG'S will improve, and so will the shifting of your trans!!

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