Should I take this SAT subject test?

I need to take a subject test that I can do good on ASAP!!!!! the test is a little late but my college will still take it but I need to know if a good score is possible for me. I took bio back in sophemore year and haven't taken it since then but I was pretty good at it back then. I will study my but off if I have to this time. How hard is it? and what is it focused on? and how can I do good? any tips????? oh and theres one more issue the test will be ends of Jan. and I think my midterms will be around then if not a week before, is it a good Idea to take it still?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since you signed up for it, you might as well take it. The difficulty and material on the biology test would depend on which one you signed up for. There are two biology subject tests: molecular and ecology. If you took regular biology, you should take the ecology one, and if you took AP Biology, you should take the molecular one. Both biology subject tests have the same general material in the first part, but the second part of the test differs based on which type it is. As the name states, the ecology test focuses on ecological material such as taxonomy, while the molecular test focuses on biology with aspects of chemistry involved. If you want to switch your subject test, you can do so when you're at your testing location; the proctor should provide details on how to do so if you need to.

    There are websites you can find that can help you review the material and get a taste of what the test will consist of, such as Sparknotes. If you paid attention in your biology class and did well in it, it should just be review and really shouldn't conflict with your midterms. Your biology class may not have covered everything on the test, but it's probably best to just review what you've learned already first and then learn any new material that your class different cover if you have the spare time.

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