Major Finance, Minor Political Sc.? Financial Acc ? Maths?


Here is my situation. I am final year student with a low GPA (2.7) in a B. of Commerce majoring in Finance. I do not know in which field of finance I would like to go in. I feel that having a large view on the world may be valuable. I understand that Finance employers care about GPA.

Political Science ? I have a strong desire for political cultures and I definitely would like to have more knowledge in that field. Moreover, I have read that "your minor" might define your personality and make you "unique" and is a strong help for the employer to have view of yourself. A total of 24 credits, equally proportional to my finance major (Non Business Major).

Financial Accounting. 3 class of Financial Accounting and another in taxation. It gives the chance to re-take "low grade class" in order to increase my GPA. It will last equally to political science major.

Maths ? Very orientated Investment Maths. 8 classes (proportionally equal to my major). However, it takes 1 semester more than Political Sc. or Accounting minor. Finally, there is a strong potential of "a low increase in GPA". This minor will be seen as "surpassing" / "overcome" my average mathematical skills (as 95% student in Bachelors of Commerce).

I am undergraduate, my study will last 4 years and half for Political and Financial Accounting minor, and 5 years for the Maths minor.

Your answer will probably not be my final decision. However, I will take in account for the choice and let you know.

Thanks for you help.


Johnny Wilkinson.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Good luck getting an analyst position as janeroth2 recommended. You need a much higher GPA than that (3.6+). Look more for a position as a Financial Advisor or Broker if you are good at sales and care about people.

  • 3 years ago

    it extremely is rather what i think of of: Minors prepare your interest, so particular a waste of time. A finance significant would desire to by potential of no potential p.c.. a math minor for something. And civil engineering has no longer something to do with finance.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    CPA, Financial Analyst, Computer Science all are great.

    Source(s): Staffing expert in NYC.
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