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Will I get into an Ivy League school?

Senior in high school.

Top 10.

10+ clubs, in which I am president or vice president of over half of them

700+ community service hours.

Won an award from the President amongst many other prestigious state and national awards for leadership/community involvement.

Very involved outside of school as well.

Slightly above average SAT scores but not "Ivy League Standard"

All A's, except a B in one AP class (it was an 89).

Extremely outgoing, personable, caring.

Low income family.

Job shadowing with a doctor in the emergency room, a career in which I'd like to become involved in.

Colleges to which I've applied: Yale, Columbia, Tufts, NYU, Boston College, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and ive already gotten into the University of Rochester

My two ivies are Ayala and Columbia (yale is my number 1) and so far, a Yale representative has emailed me notifying me that I was on "the list" of people they'd like to meet and interview. I am in the same boat with Tufts University too. I have, however, dreamed of going to Yale since I was like 8 years old.

I respect your honest opinions, but please do state them in a respectful manner!! Thanks!! :)


I am also a state qualifying and contending discus thrower and team captain on my outdoor track and field team for the school.

Update 2:

Two ivies are Yale and Columbia *

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    Very, very good, I see no reason why you can't get onto Ivy League and even if you don't you are only going higher, I'm certain that if you continue the way you are going then your in, good luck mate.

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    till you're valedictorian or salutatorian, i will assure you that Yale, Princeton, and Harvard are out of attain for you. you're able to bear in mind that those are not only rather aggressive faculties, they're Ivy Leagues. i know a number of people who had larger marks and scores than you, with lots of extra curriculars and different issues, and have been nonetheless rejected from Ivy Leagues. If I have been you, i might attempt for Cornell, nevertheless. you have a super shot at getting into someplace like NYU, too. only bear in mind that because of the fact a school isn't an Ivy, does no longer advise its no longer the two useful training-smart.

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    I think you have a good chance to get into an Ivy League College but there are millions of people competing for a spot in Yale and Harvard and other legendary schools like that so keep in mind that you might not get in just from one point or something. I'm not trying to make you feel discouraged but that is the truth.

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    8 years ago

    You are really impressive. Your only weak spot is your SAT scores, and that is small (especially with a strong personal statement) so I think you have a great chance of going to an ivy league college.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That's great that they are interested, but you will likely be wait listed. You need to re-take your SAT or try the ACT. A 34 or higher will improve your chances.

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