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Are the "Fake Casting Agent" scams legal?

A girl from school got caught up into one of these scams and that video is all over these x-rated sites. She wasn't paid a dime, but the con artist is making $ off of it... I'm not sure if she knows about this yet, and IDK if I should be the one to tell her... but can she take legal action against the man tricked her into doing this?


For those of you who don't know what the fake casting agent scam is:

The confidence artist poses as a casting agent for some adult movie company. He invited the mark (usually a girl) to his office to make a photo shoot and interview. He tells the mark that if she wants to work in the adult industry, he will have to make a casting video with her, usually involving sexual acts. After that, she will be handed a contract and is told she will receive payment in the coming weeks, but the contract is never issued - the con will give time reasons as an excuse, etc.

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    If the "scammer" knew what he was doing then the "contract" that she signed was probably a legal release where she signed over her rights to the "casting" shoot.

    If she even bothered to keep a copy of it (which I doubt she did) I'd guess it said that she fully agreed to perform in the adult shoot and signed over any distribution and monetary rights associated to it.

    She could always hire an attorney and try to sue them....but will she really want to be the girl in the news that willingly shot porn and wasn't bright enough to read the contract? (I'm not saying that's what happened, but that is how she is going to be judged).

    All they have to do is produce the signed release and challenge her to prove some form of coercion....With no legal basis to get damages, she could always try the "public humiliation" or "defamation" route....But since she knew the casting was for adult movies ahead of time, I don't see a judge feeling sorry for a wannabe pornstar who is upset that people are on-line watching her have sex on camera.

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    Fake Casting

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