What do you think of my Villains?

Uriah Jones-the head of a secret organization called the Priory of Zion, a religious-based group bent on quickening the Rapture and the End Times. The Priory is combined with Catholicism and Protestantism. He's a zealous, determined, proud man with a fascination of death; ever since he was a child he loved being among Church graveyards, loved reading the Revelations and dreamed of being in the final battle. His father was an undertaker and showed him many corpses which sparked his interest in death, and he seeks the true death of both humanity and the universe. He has an unhealthy obsession of spiritual/physical thanatophilia.

Anita Cole-second in command of the Priory; a lawyer, conservative commenter, antifeminist, a devout Catholic and practitioner of Hagliomancy (divination through holy relics). She blindly believes in the preachings of Jones despite her own beliefs, unable or unwilling to see any contradiction. She is optimistic to a fault, bigoted, callous, and faultfinding; always believing what she wants to believe and ignore others with bitter reactions. She is based on Ann Coulter.

Egbert Campbell-the Priory's 80 year-old Chaplain and numerologist. He behaves like an elderly gentleman but his mind and heart is filled with self-righteousness. He practices Christian Biblical Hermeneutics. He suffered a stroke before he joined, which has slightly affected his beliefs in a twisted way. As a child, he was orphaned, grew up in a Catholic school, ran away and was raised by half-crazy Pastor who trained him the way he is. He is based on Harold Camping.

Chaim Hassid-a Jewish Kabbalist, Ultra-Zionist and rabbinical scholar. He joined the Priory in hopes of bringing the promised Messiah of the Jews. He practices the Jewish Biblical Hermeneutics. He is secretive, sardonic, and smug. Chaim was raised in Orthodox Judaism Israel, but being a problem child, he deluded himself that he could make welcome the Promised Messiah of the Jews. He saw Jesus as nothing more than a fortune-teller.

Fadi Obeid-an Islamic eschatologist, archaeologist and computer geek. He joined the Priory as well in hopes of defeating the enemies of Islam. He is mannerly but shrewd, antisemitic and arrogant. Fadi has deep sympathies for the Islamist extremists and the Taliban because he believed archaic traditional faith was more glorious than modern faith. He also joined in hopes to bring the Imam Mahdi to earth.

Ray Kirkpatrick-a former atheist now-turned Evangelical scientist and doctor. He’s also the Priory’s spy and writer, and a practitioner of Bibliomancy (divination through the bible). He’s cautious, clever, grudging, anti-catholic, homophobic, obnoxious, fallacious and a bit chauvinistic. He has an intellectual dishonesty about him; having a grudge against atheists and Evolution and stubbornly refuses to see the evidence in actual History Museums instead of Creationist Museums. He has a sanctimonious opinion of himself as a good person who never lies or steals and reads the bible every night. He wishes people to be saved and accept Christ because he proclaims love to them, but that love is somewhat pitiful and limited. He's based on Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Rodney Norman-the weapons supplier, captain of the Priory soldiers and hitman. A sadistic, ruthless, misogynistic Calvinist who shows no remorse in killing 'sinners' or any obstacle in the Priory's way. He suffers from a borderline disorder. He believes all scantily-clad women are sluttish and thus asked to be raped. He has a whole Madonna-whore viewpoint. However, he admires artwork loves the Pygmalion myth.

Libby Dawson-an attractive atheist, femme fatale, cosmologist, rationalist, environmentalist and semi-deluded misanthropist; she has an utter contempt for humans because they have not evolved from superstition and for killing the earth. She joined the Priory to show their mistakes and to hopefully bring an end to humanity for its cruelty to the planet. She's confidant, soft yet spiteful. She's partially based on Richard Dawkins.

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    I think they're fairly realistic, and they're all more or less equipped with the thing I fear most - 'faith'. Faith is scary because it brings 'justifications' of all sorts to be cruel, bigotted, murderous in some religions, etc, etc. But you haven't brought it all black and white. It's not 'Religious-bad, Athiest-good' or vice versa, but rather put it (as far as I can tell) as we are . . . confused, trying to find answers, some of us settling for easier ones, some of us trying to go a little further, and some of us just trying not to be bothered by the whole thing. I do like the fact that you give a varying beliefs to show that deep down - we all are the same type of breed no matter if we like to say that we're different or special because of religious backgrounds.

    Loving Libby though, I love Richard Dawkins, he's so funny and smart ^_^.

    I'd say they're well-developed, realistic characters. If you're trying to get it published, I'd be prepared for rejections though - people generally are on the 'don't rock the boat' way towards religious beliefs and lack thereof, but I'd keep on trying until it did get published.

  • 8 years ago

    I like your characters, they seem fairly interesting and they each individually show the many flaws of humans. They also are very complex and have a very distinct personalities. I would love to see how these characters would interact.

    What was the purpose for creating such characters?

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