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getting my pay ABN.. boss refusing to pay my invoices?

just before Christmas I took on some work as a trade assistant in air con/sheetmetal installation. I have lots of experience in this role, own tools etc, but the new supervisor complained from day one and got my pay dropped because my work wasn't good enough... now I have been backcharged for defects with no proof and I know there is nothing wrong with my work. they are basically refusing to pay my invoices and I don't know what to do. I have only worked for a couple weeks so I have not joined a union.. how do I get my pay?


I have only just started ABN such I have not registered for GST or anything...

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    Sounds like you're a self-employed contractor and not an employee so a union wouldn't help. Take them to the Small Claims Tribunal and do not do any further work for them.

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