How big will be the destruction of mankind in Revelation 19 (second part)?

In Mark 13: 10, it says: “For all nations must hear the preaching of the Gospel: this is the very beginning”. What gospel? This is the Book of Revelation which is being explained currently by the author Winston Kayanan from the Philippines in the net per his interpretation last November.

In 2nd Thessalonians 1: 8, it says: “Then with flaming fire will be punished those who do not recognize God . . ,” pertaining to one’s faith. Other than judgment on UN, people will be God’s next target.

If people live without a purpose, nothing occurs in order to achieve a goal. But since the world is made for man, we have a central role of responsibility in keeping with what God has given man. Although there will always be a room for change, there are things which we could not be altered and that is, the eternal laws & universal laws of God. The word of God should always be permanent at all times. In Luke 21: 33, Jesus Christ said: “. . . heaven & earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” This deserved of serious thought as basis for highest hopes because any subsequent modification or change made by the Catholic Church on the laws of God in view of modern times is invalid.

Assessing some repliers’ comments from previous Q & A, the author believed that they are not widely keen on what is happening nowadays since they immediately concluded that what the author said are metaphors of past events. Unfortunately, they have not accounted the world’s pattern of experiences as way of understanding in relation to the author’s explanations of Jesus Christ’s words particularly in the Book of Revelation. It is quite understandable that Jesus Christ had to start in the beginning, then onwards chapter by chapter, in order to address gradually Revelation per event even though written in figurative language. Since some repliers have captured the author’s explanations in the mid part of the Book of Revelation, i.e., not from the beginning, obviously they are lost. They don’t know that the book pertains to justice as God’s judgment at the final end of mankind. Per scriptures, there will be no evil after the final end but since evil is still around, this means that the final end has never arrived ever since.

God made the author to interpret Genesis, 2nd Peter & Revelation in the months of September, October & November of 2011 respectively and hence, some explanations of events indeed were past but not remote for these were recent in 2009-2010. God only showed to the author that the recent past events are contained & written in Revelation and hence, this will confirm that the recent interpreted events as told figuratively in the Book of Revelation are already in effect, i.e., currently happening. So this will prove that Jesus Christ’s words on the strength of Luke 21: 33 cannot or could not allow Revelation (including the earlier said prophetic words) to pass away without being known by people as explained by some servants of God, more particularly, the destruction of mankind in this chapter 19 (second part).

The author knows that hard core skeptics in the religious community would not believe in his explanations since nothing that reveals (like plagues in Rev. 16) has happened to them yet. So it is assumed that they care less on other nations’ experiences, stricken by horrible disasters. But once UN has fallen, i.e., razed by fire, per Rev. 17 to 19 (first part), many will believe this time. However, they will then have a shorter time left to prove their faith in God and therefore, Rev. 19 (second part) will be their look out.

To answer the above question, in Luke 12: 52, it says: “. . . in one house five will be divided; 3 against 2, and 2 against 3.” This family of five is an odd number and hence, the division is a 60-40 ratio, either 60% will die or 40%. In Matthew 24: 40-41, it says: “Of 2 men in the field, 1 will be taken & the other left. Of 2 women grinding wheat together at the mill, 1 will be taken & the other left.” This two is an even number and hence, the ratio is 50-50.

Now therefore, if the world has a total population of 7 billion, 3.5 billion (50-50) or 4.2 billion (60%) or 2.8 billion (40%) people will be considered dispensable, killed by plague via pandemic within 45 days period (1,335 days less 1,290 days in Dn. 12: 11-12). This will not pass away. To explain Mark 13: 20, saying: “So that if the Lord had not shortened that time, no one would survive; but he decided to shorten it for the sake of his chosen ones.”, this means that only the chosen ones have the special privilege, i.e., given with the prerogative to ask, plead, beg or appeal for mercy, the right given to our Lord Jesus Christ by the Almighty God, in order to shorten & stop the killing.

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    Revelation is speaking of the THEN impending doom of Jerusalem... the city that stoned the prophets and crucified its Messiah, received the just punishment through the Day of the Lord and His vengeance upon the city from AD 66-70.

    When will Christians stop reading their Bibles without remembering to whom those letters were first written? We can't interpret it through today's news headlines. It has first century relevance, in the events surrounding the Neronic persecutions (Tribulation) and the Roman Jewish War.

    Soon, near, at hand, about to come, quickly, shortly, in a little while, at the door, will not delay, the last hour... this really meant "2 millennia from now?" Does God not know how to communicate time? Was Jesus only kidding when He said they wouldn't finish going through the cities in Israel before His return? (Matt 10:23)

    It's time to challenge the traditional view of the "end times" and see how it fits in with the "end of the age" of Judaism/Old Covenant.

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    Interesting scriptures and reasoning. Do you believe 'the faithful and discreet slave' Jesus spoke about in Mat. 24:45-47 (or steward) to be one person at any one time, or a composite body of attendants?

    If it was one person, how could this slave be in existence over centuries, then in position at Christ's invisible return (Acts 1:8) in 1914.

    It it this body Jesus uses to reveal complex truths, including updated understandings (Prov. 4:18) of the book of Revelation. The worldwide spiritual feeding program this slave class carry out, voluntarily, without monetary gain, is now available all over the world, including the internet, in over 500 languages and 235 lands. No single person would be able to accomplish this, if they thought to be 'the slave' of Mat. 24:45-47.

    Therefore, although the information may make interesting reading, one must consider it at best a valiant effort to understand Almighty God Jehovah's purpose, at worst as giving people information NOT from a source approved by Almighty God, or His Christ. Please see 'Revelation-It's Grand Climax At Hand!' available through the websites below. If this disappoints you, then I am sorry, but it's worth thinking about seriously.

    Kind regards, Günter

    Source(s): The Holy Scriptures
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    ARMAGEDDON -A Happy Beginning

    THE word “Armageddon” has its origin in the Hebrew expression “Har–Magedon,” or “Mountain of Megiddo.” It is found at Revelation 16:16, which states: “They gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.” Who are assembled to Armageddon, and why? Just two verses earlier, at Revelation 16:14, we read: “The kings of the entire inhabited earth” are gathered together “to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” Naturally, those statements raise additional intriguing questions. Where do these “kings” fight? Over what issue do they battle, and with whom? Will they, as many believe, use weapons of mass destruction? Will there be survivors of

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