TV looks a little grainy?

I just got a new TV, it's a Westinghouse VR-3215. It was just installed, but the picture looks just a tad grainy. The instruction manual is no help and I was hoping that someone on here knew how to reprimand the problem. Thanks :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is a HDTV and sounds like you are watching SD (standard definition) programming. To get HD quality you need to sign up for HD programming from your cable service. To get SD to look a little better change the aspect ratio in the TV settings

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    8 years ago

    what's your signal in? HD receiver (cable or satellite) or DVD or BluRay?

    likely the result of poor signal in, though Westinghouse is probably one of the worst pictures I've seen

    maximize the signal in, adjust with menu the sharpness (decreasing it will reduce the grainy appearance), max out your brightness and set the contrast to 50-75% or so

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