does apologising make things ok? as many opinions as possible please?

ill try not to make it too long..

im just wondering, ive been like such a bad person to so many girls.. and i know maybe its for the wrong reasons im thinking about this, but if i was to like, send messages to all the girls ive upset and hurt in the past.. do you think that would be a good idea? i mean, like i said, it really sucks and i feel quite bad for the fact that im only thinking about it because a girls putting me through the same thing, the difference is, the girl is unknowingly upsetting me, she's not doing it on purpose like i used to.. she's not playing any games with me, she's just letting me move on, all the things i shouldve done to others.. just let them move on, not play games with their hearts and stuff

so people tell me please, i mean, its abit of a karma issue.. as, the fact im thinking about what i used to do to others may be the reason that maybe things just feel like theyre going wrong for me, will apologising to the girls i have dealt with in the pass make any difference? they've all moved on.. but ive always known i was wrong, its only recently that its really occured to me just how bad i really was.. i feel like that guy from john tucker must die, like i deserve to be hurt..

what do you guys think?


i didnt hurt the girl i was recently with, she doesnt even know i have had such a mean past with girls, so im not talking about apologising to her..

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  • 9 years ago
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    An apology cannot undo the harm already done, but at least it can restore the dignity of the victim.

    It shows a sign of maturity and strength to apologize for the wrongful and hurtful things you have done .Ironically, our misconduct can act as a blessing in disguise, for it is an opportunity to awaken to our faults, express remorse, and change our ways by repenting. It is an opportunity for spiritual growth. Remember, however, that this opportunity came about at the expense of another, so don't forget the pain you inflicted and do everything in your power to eliminate it.

    What will you do if you're apology is rejected? I shall say respect the right of the victim to do so. And honestly that by now it is probably too late to apologize as they have already moved on. However, IF you decide that you MUST to make peace with yourself or whatever remember that an apology is not complete unless you 1) Admit what you did 2) Express your sorrow 3) Are sincere and speak from the heart feeling the victim's pain 4) Give the victim an opportunity to vent their feelings 5) Learn from the experience. That is the best advice I can give to you.

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    9 years ago

    Actions speak louder than words, but she will always remember that you did her wrong.

    She will never fully trust you.

  • 9 years ago

    God I hope so

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