Why has my computer resolution suddenly gone funny?

Hi, Just this morning i went to go use my brand new computer that i just got about 1 month ago. My computer is a custom built and has all the best spec's on the market. But just this morning when i went to use it My screen was really zoomed in for some odd reason. I tried changing this by going into my resolution and fixing everything. Then the screen just got worse and it wasn't as clear. it was as if HD had been disabled. So then i tried to restart my computer and unplug my monitor. Then my screen went back to normal and everything was clear again. But now when i try to play games like Skyrim or battlefield weird things happen. When i try to play battle Field everything is normal accept that is in Flat screen mode. and when i try and play skyrim it sais failed to install renderer. PLEASE HELP

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  • 9 years ago
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    Maybe it's a faulty connection with your graphics card. What is the resolution right now? It should be at least 1920x1080 if your PC is at the best specs in the market (which would probably be an i7-2600k, 16-24Gigs of RAM, Dual SLI GeForce GTX 580s, a 7200RPM with at least 1TB of space, a PSU with at least 700W---if you don't have these... well then... I don't think it's the best.)

    Try adjusting your resolution all the way to the largest numbers.

    Also, how is your monitor connected to your card? HDMI, DVI, VGA?

    As a last resort, open up your system, disconnect the graphics card(s), clean the motherboard and cards, reinstall the card(s).

    Good Luck!

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  • anam
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    4 years ago

    try updating your drivers- motherboard, photos card, and so forth. If that would not paintings, try resetting the CMOS battery. it incredibly is a circle like battery placed on your motherboard. Reset it by employing taking it out and putting it returned. this might exchange the date and time yet you could set it returned in domicile windows.

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  • Jack
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    9 years ago

    Try system restore. Restore the computer to a point when the resolution was fine.

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  • 9 years ago

    reinstall the monitor drivers that should resolve the issue

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