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Ben asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

Is Robert Shaw's The Buccaneers movie based on a true story?

I got this movie for Christmas. This movie takes place in the Caribbean. It is about English Buccaneers that sail the Caribbean. In this movie, the English pirates encounter on an Island Aztec Native Americans and revenge their gold, and the Aztec God thinks that it is their people's God, but the Buccaneer spits and says, "It's my God!" So, the pirates and Indians start to fight. That episode is also known as "Aztec Treasure." These episodes are by Robert Shaw. In the movie "Slave Ship," the pirates encounter an African Black Slave on their ship as he draws a map of where the Island is or where there may even be treasure. He looks like a Rastafarian without the dreadlocks that speaks a dialect combination of English, African and a little bit of Spanish dialect. Back in the Saloon "Fountain of Youth," this annoying pirate sings a song on his guitar, but the pirates go inside a cave and one of the pirates kills him because they think that his so-called "Ghost" and sticks out a flintlock pistol and tries to kill him, but the cave goes down. So, is Robert Shaw's The Buccaneers movie based on a true story?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes, in the tradition of its other fine historical dramatic series, like Robin Hood, William Tell and Sir Lancelot, TMG proudly brings you The Buccaneers, based on the true story of England's attempt to destroy the Caribbean pirate's stranglehold on shipping routes in the New World. Produced in England at the famed Nettlefold Studio sound stages in Walton-on-Thames, The Buccaneers features the noted British actor Robert Shaw (Jaws, A Man For All Seasons) as Captain Dan Tempest, a pardoned ex-pirate, and Peter Hammond (The Avengers) as Lt. Beamish, the Crown-appointed deputy governor of the pirate-infested island of New Providence, in the Bahamas. In true swashbuckling tradition, Tempest and his former pirate crew of his swift corsair, The Sultana, take on the Spanish privateers ravaging the Caribbean. Receiving a pardon from the King in return for giving up a life of piracy, Tempest and his stalwarts confront the privateers on the high seas of the Spanish Main. Swordplay abounds, as the forces of the Crown struggle to rid the New World of pirates, the likes of Blackbeard, a constant irritant to Captain Tempest and a recurring villain in the series.

    The great or classic era of piracy in the Caribbean extends from around 1560 up until the mid 1720s. The period during which pirates were most successful was from 1700 until the 1730s. Many pirates came to the Caribbean after the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, they stayed in the Caribbean and became pirates shortly after that. Others, the buccaneers, arrived in the mid-to-late 17th century and made attempts at earning a living by farming and hunting on Hispaniola and nearby islands; pressed by Spanish raids and possibly failure of their means of making a living, they turned to a more lucrative occupation. Caribbean piracy arose out of, and mirrored on a smaller scale, the conflicts over trade and colonization among the rival European powers of the time.

    Source(s): More info: Scroll down to In the Carribean
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