2005 STS cadillac remote and key not working i think it got disconfiguered?

I have a 2005 Cadillac STS and when my control stopped working and only allowed me to access my car and turn it on because its all push start I opened it and changed the battery. When I put it back together it didn't work and now it won't even let me get in my car. Not even the key works. It turns both ways but doesn't open. I think that when i opened it, it got disconfigured and the sensors don't let me get into the car because it doesn't sense the remote. Can some one help me or tell me what to do. I was thinking of going to Cadillac dealer and getting a new remote but they said for me to tow it there so they can check it and that alone will cost me $125 and it doesn't include the remote. Do should I just go and get a remote or should i tow it over to Cadillac dealer?

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  • 8 years ago
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    First off, Jakob doesnt have a stinking clue about new cars!!!! Almost all are going to push button start.

    First, tear down the remote & make sure you put the battery in correctly. If it still doesnt work, try putting the old battery back in. If still no workie. First, I cant believe you cant get into the car with the key. You should at least be able to open the door when turning the key in the lock. Just in case, press the button on the fob & pull the metal ring holder out of the fob, use that key to open the door. Try that part again, if you can get the door open, stick the fob in the center console, should be a slot in the rear. Buttons facing the front of the car. Try & see if it will start now. If still no workie or cant get into the vehicle, you will have to tow it to a dealership. Only way to program any fob without a known working fob is to use the laptop & program them which takes about 30-50min depending if the moon is aligned right in space. They are a pain to program without a working fob.

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      It's the prong inside the fob not making contact with the battery, have to bend them out! I know late lol

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    Cadillac Sts Key Fob

  • 8 years ago

    I would call your local Cadillac dealer and see what they are going to do for you and how much it will cost and what your options are. That way you can make the decision that best suits you and your budget.


    Cadillac Customer Service

  • 5 years ago

    Open up the fob and make sure the prungs touching the battery. Just bend them upward. I hope that work

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    8 years ago

    Get a real car with a ******* key... make 10 copy's and never worry about **** like this.

    On a more serious note i would try buying the remote first, since dealerships are known for being expensive as hell.

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