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Philippines tap water service?

Why do we pay for purified 1st world Maynilad water service, but it's only on a few hours a day, and people say you still can't drink it? What's the point?

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    They supply just enough so you can wash you sorry as*....... silly!!

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    Maynilad is a government company, what else you would expect from them, knowing the charges is very expensive but the services are very poor, there are some damage pipes because it is older than me, it had been existing for many decades but the maintenance is not that accurate and efficient, I was once my white clothes and if you will not going to use a chlorine in it, then you will observe that it is getting gray, so what’s more if you drink it.

    But for your awareness, there are lots of illegal tappers and you will easily notice this kind of idea on those squatters area, so sad to think but these things are being covered by those citizens that paying their bills correctly.

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    8 years ago

    Why is the "tap water" some times red??

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    8 years ago

    Are you sure you are in the Philippines there not in the middle-east where there's no water to clean a---ssssess ? Are we talking same country or we are both in Africa?

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  • 8 years ago

    lets not forget the government enjoys the money we pay the water we cant even drink

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    8 years ago

    Before I answer that question please answer mine first...

    "Why is it that many Filipinos love to sing Jinge Bells when there's absolutely no snow in the Philippines?"

    Yeah right. Don't get smart on me cause I was referring to natural snow not the artificial one or the one that's from the fridge.

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