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What bridges Batman inc. and Batman the new 52 together?

I'd also like to know when Batman gets back into his traditional Batsuit of the 90's and early 2000's.

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    Bruce Wayne isn't "done" with Batman Incorporated, he's just returned to Gotham to continue his mission as the definitive Batman. In fact a world wide group of vigilantes inspired by or trained by Batman has been in existence since 1956 the group the Batmen of All Nations. Grant Morrison, in his true fashion of taking elements from the Silver and Bronze Age of comics, just expanded on that idea and revamped them as Batman INC. Batman hasn't abandoned the idea, he's just let them continue operating in their respective countries under the Batman symbol with Bruce's endorsement while returning to Gotham.

    As for returning to the suit with the yellow background, I'm glad he hasn't. The current suit is a revamped look that every DC hero has pretty much had. I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the briefs but I don't like the new costume either. It looks like the movie costume and I never liked the movie costumes. I prefer the basic costume with the black bat and either a black or dark blue cowl (my favorite being the Year One costume). The yellow emblem was originally drawn in 1964 to match the bat-signal and it was explained in TDKR that it was there as a target to distract criminals away from Bruce's head which wasn't covered by kevlar (it's since been said that the cowl is kevlar). it also makes it easier to draw Batman in the shadows with the black bat as opposed to the yellow one for obvious reasons. One of the many fallacies of the New 52 has been the costume designs, Superman being the worst offender. I get that they've rebooted Superman to be characterized more like he was originally, embracing his Kryptionian heritage as opposed to being more human and acknowledging being an alien but why does a man that can't be hurt by bullets need to wear body armor?

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    Batman Inc is part of the new 52 continuity. Batman is done with Inc and has returned to Gotham.

    He may never go back into his old suit. Until it actually happens no one knows.

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