Can anyone tell me some ecuador facts?

what music is big there

how the guys there act ( 14-16)

and any other interesting facts (:

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    9 years ago
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    Ecuador is in South America

    They speak Spanish in Ecuador

    Legal currency is the US Dollar

    Quito is the capital

    Ecuador is Spanish for Equator

    Pasillo is the most popular music in Ecuador

    The guys act like Ecuadorians

  • Well here the music is really wide about the people choices here is really popular the regatteon on discos but the popular musical as bachata and long crying songs like En Vida que me QUISIERAS is one of the hits locally

    The guys here act extremely wide in choices the andean people is a bit more quiet and take more time to become your friend but always a foreign person is an atracction for them.

    General facts check on that one is the official travel guide to the country you can find more than 400 pages of information on english, google maps atracctions more than 90 listed there

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    you'll get Nickelodeon, Sci-Fi. MTV, CNN and all channels in English by ability of satellite tv for pc television (Dish community, EchoStar and others). climate is slightly contained in the nice and cozy section (imagine Arizona/California) and existence type relies upon on the city you'll bypass to. Quito is a substantial city, Cuenca is a small colonial city and there are others, let us know the position you'd be residing at and that i might want to be extra particular about banks and existence regularly there.

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