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Can meaning be found in everything? Does God have a meaning?

It seems we look for meaning in our lives, in our actions, in our very existence.

We look for meaning in the events of our lives. We find meaning in our religions, and in our relationships

So, I got to wondering if God has a meaning?

What does God mean?


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    Great answers from Dominic, Jaysinh, ixiruxa and others.

    I think as far as we are concerned Love is good one. But not the foolish emotion we regard as Love. Love is a state of Being. One who becomes at one with Love becomes truly Free. We should get away from the idea that Love is a vague state of mind or something to tie friends and relatives together. In it's highest state it sets people free in the realisation that God is All.

    Ever since the dawn of civilisation mankind has searched the meaning behind lifes challenges and trials, the purpose of religion and science and the Why of Existence. This searching is really man's innate spiritual drive to transmute the 'stone' of basic matter and consciousness into the 'gold' of Freedom-consciousness and existence.

    This Earth is really a classroom of experience designed to provide the answers (or meaning) that mankind needs, although he might not neccessarily want it!

    After our graduation we are given further experiences and higher meanings that we might apply to assist us in our goal of Spiritualising matter and consciousness back to God, as Conscious Gods.

    Source(s): The Nine Freedoms by George king
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      The first two paragraphs were deep. If you wrote this, you should definitely become a writer. I'm NOT kidding.

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    It depends what you are asking.

    Are you asking whether the English word "god" has a meaning; and if so what is it? Or are you asking whether "God (the Creator" has meaning in who He is and what He does?

    The first question about the Eng word "god"; well to be honest, I do NOt know what is the origin of the word. I guess I can check online, but that would be me just regurgitating what someone else has written. I tend to think of the Eng word "god" to refer to "a or the Creator". When used of the biblical God, then I would refer to "God" as meaning "the uncreated Creator who is full of power and might; a king who has the right and ability to judge, but is not confined to a physical form"

    As for whether the God of the Bible has meaning...

    I would say that the question is the wrong way round: the God of the Bible is the means by which ALL else has meaning. No thing can have meaning unless the God of the Bible is truly who He says He is. I understand then that this implies that one has to accept that the God of the Bible -

    1 - Exists

    2 - Can be experienced by mankind

    3 - The Bible is an accurate account of God communicating with mankind (in its original language)

    I guess what could help answer the second question is "Why should anything have meaning?" Or better still "Why are humans looking for meaning in things?" across ALL cultures throughout all of recorded history...

    Hope this helps

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    No, the boot is on the other foot. It is up to the person making the claim to provide the supporting evidence, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and if the evidence doesn't stand up to scrutiny the most reasonable position is for the audience to adopt the null hypothesis. For more detailed explanations Google or check Wiki for Bertram Russell's Celestial Teapot Argument, or get hold of Carl Sagan's book The Demon Haunted World and turn to the essay titled The Dragon in My Garage.

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    An all pervading, non physically existence and without any quality is THE meaning of God and yet trillions of people believe that God exists in shape. What a wonderful character of God, if you can match.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think yes,

    if one thinks, one can find meaning in everything.

    For me God is just a spiritual concept about the existential truth,

    invented and agreed upon

    by most of the enlightened human beings of all ages of the world.

    Source(s): self.
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    All the three letters in the word 'GOD', has very important meanings:

    G stands for Generator, (that means Creator)

    O stands for Operator and

    D stands for Destroyer.


    The One who created the whole world, O Siblings of Destiny, is the Almighty Lord, the Cause of causes.

    He fashioned the soul and the body, O Siblings of Destiny, by His own power.

    How can He be described? How can He be seen, O Siblings of Destiny? The Creator is One; He is indescribable.

    Praise the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, O Siblings of Destiny; through Him, the essence is known. ||1|| {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Sorath 639}}}


    He Himself nurtures and cherishes His Creation. I fall at His Feet and surrender to Him. ||2||

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Maajh 106}}}

    He cherishes me, like the father and the mother love their child. ||1||

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Saarang 1213}}}


    Creation and destruction come only from God; this is what the Lord's humble servants believe. ||2||

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Basant 1186}}}

    When it pleases Him, He creates the world. As He pleases, He absorbs it back into Himself.

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Gauree 292}}}

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    The meaning to everything including the creator, is that of love, pure universal love. In this world that love is present yet concealed in everything that is, was and will ever be, created. It just takes someone to look a bit deeper, a bit beyond the immediate to see and experience it in every moment. Since you and I are part of that creation, that includes you and I as well. This light, love and purity, is within each one of us. Our purpose is not only to find and experience that love, but help and encourage each one of us on our paths as we are different expressions of that love.

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    To me, God means LOVE and everything that comes with it. Love yourself, love others, love animals, love the earth, love everything and everybody. God is the voice within, God is pure positive joyous loving energy. If you look for it, you'll always find it. If you choose to ignore it, you'll lose it. The good news is that you can always make that connection, no matter how bad the situation is.

    Source(s): Spiritual, not religious.
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    8 years ago

    You can find meaning in everything, if you so wish. Same is true for God.

  • 6 years ago

    'God' and 'meaning of life' is a delusional invention by primitive man to explain existence. All of life and humans as a part of that, is just the process by which DNA reproduces and evolves itself. To not know why something is as it is, isn't an invitation to invent a fictional explanation. It is an invitation to use reason and the scientific method to uncover reality.

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