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To many people on the Religious Right, i just have to ask...........?

What does hating Obama, thinking the Earth is 6000 years old, opposing the clear scientific evidence for Global Warming, and supporting Pre-emptive war have to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ?

I personally am a Christian, and i take the teachings of Jesus Christ very seriously. When i hear on the radio, or watch on the television, many people that are from either apart of the Religious Right, part of the bible belt or part of the evangelican community spew so much venom and hatred against Obama, it really fills me up with disgust and rage. First of all, why are all of these Churches so political anyways? Second, why do they seem to think that the Republican Party defends the teachings of Jesus Christ? Jesus, man who went to help the poor, the sick and the dying. They would probably call him a communist like how a lot of them call Obama a communist in a lot of their sermons on Sundays instead of preaching the word of God. All I see a lot of the times from these Churches is how Obama is this secret Muslim(who went to the Church of a Christian extremist Jeremiah Wright) is concoting a secret conspiracy to destroy American and Christianity. Its really annoying, especially when the guys has said over and over again that he's a Christian, but these religious bigots just dont seem to understand.

When it comes to fighting against Global warming, i dont understand why many people in the evangelical community think that Global warming is a conspiracy, or that the science is wrong. I dont see why many of people in the so called Bible Belt support the Big Oil Companies that are just polluting the air and helping to expand the Ozone layer of our atmosphere, and keep lobbying the Congress to stop Global Warming legislation to pass through. Didn't God in Genesis command man to be stewards of the Earth and to be its caretakers? I really dont see why they would support the people who would rather destroy the earth to get rich than protect our ecosystem.

When it comes to evolution, many people on the Religious Right insist that classrooms teach creationism alongside evolution. I have to point out first. You dont see many Scientists picketing outside out Churches in the bible belt, lobbying them to teach evolution along side creationism. Second, I dont see why they insist that literal interpretation of Genesis is taught? Augustine, Ambrose, Origen, Hilary of Poiters and Thomas Aquinas are Church Fathers and Christian writers that have in their writings shown that a literal interpretation of Genesis is not necessary. In fact, Augustine in his treatise on Genesis warns against using it as a science, lest Christians look foolish.

When it comes to war and the military, it seems like people on the Religious Right are the first ones to suppport war, and show disdain for diplomacy and peace. This despite Christ's teaching in the Beatitudes that 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God'. They seem to be the first ones to support their country going to war, whether it be the interventions in the Middle East, wanting Israel to go to war with Iran to initiate Armageddon, or calling people that support diplomacy 'appeasers' because they dont agree with their war mongering attitudes. They are the first ones to support the use of torture(a poll done by Gallup showing a vast majority of Evangelicals supporting the interrogation techniques used in Gitmo).

When I look at this, whether its the hatred of Obama, the anti global warming and evolution stance, and their war mongerish attitudes, i come to the conclusion that many on the religious right are not defending the gospel of jesus christ. Rather they are defending their own Gospel of hatred, intolerance, political oppurtunism, hypocrisy and ignorance......

Thats my little rant anyways........

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am not a member of the religious right, and I never answer anything here, but your question/rant was so well written, I had to say something. I'm not religious. In fact, I am mostly atheist (can't prove the nonexistence of something I can't see), but I have a great respect for the humanistic christian values that i'm sure Jesus had in mind when he was talking to his disciples.

    It saddens me to read about the christian crazies using his name and his teachings to serve their own greed and as you said very eloquently, their own Gospel of Hatred. Still, I see this everywhere - from Islam (which literally derives from shalom - 'peace') being used by terrorists for war, all the way to ideas of hinduism and buddhism used by cults such as the hindu right of india and aum shrinkyo in japan.

    Humanity has a remarkable tendency of manipulating ideas to their own benefit, and religion has been exploited the most to serve this end. The nitwits not only read the ancient writings literally, they also in the process skip over the entire ethical and metaphorical message.

    Oh well, I will not attempt to put it in words as well chosen as your own. It's my firm hope that the majority of religious people are as intelligent as you, and not the nutcases I imagine when i think of religion.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you're still in the Obama cult, you're one of the lost.

    Obama is the biggest failure of a president we've had since Carter, and democrats will need several decades to recover from the reputation he has given them.

    Try to imagine, if you will, entire swaths of our country mindlessly following Obama and defending him no matter what he does. He has spent our country into bankruptcy, and you probably still blame Bush, not because it has anything to do with him, but because you're told to.

    When a president is totally helpless to revive the economy, we normally fire the dumbass and elect someone else.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Rant is the correct term. I stopped reading after the first sentence.

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