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What can I use for substitute of beeswax?

For family reasons, my sisters best friend will be staying with us for most of winter break. They want to make lip gloss, but looking at the ingredients we don't have beeswax. What can I use instead? I was thinking Vaseline but I want to be sure..

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    Here are 3 choices:

    1. Candelilla Wax is often used as a substitute for beeswax in lipsticks and lip balms, creams, lotions, salves and soaps. This wax has many of the same lubricating properties, but it is harder and less pliable than beeswax. If you are making your own cosmetics or body soaps and decide to use candelilla wax as a substitute for beeswax, use half as much candelilla as you would beeswax. Candelilla will harden much faster than beeswax, so if you use too much you risk making the product unusable.

    2. Carnauba wax is often used in conjunction with either beeswax or candelilla wax, acting as a hardener to stiffen candles or solidify lip balm. However, it can be used on its own as a substitute for beeswax. Much like candelilla wax, you will need to use less carnauba wax than beeswax. Carnauba wax hardens twice as fast as beeswax, so reduce the amount of wax used in your recipe by at least half when replacing beeswax with carnauba wax.

    3. Soy wax is all-natural and can serve as a substitute for beeswax. It is most commonly found in candles, but it can also replace beeswax in lip balms, lotions, body butters and other cosmetics. It is no harder than beeswax, so it can be used in equal amounts in recipes.

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    wherre i can get soy wax

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      Somebody please answer the above-written question.

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