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What are Australia's main alliances?

Ok, so I am just wondering about our alliances with other countries.

I was thinking of joining the military some day, and although this isn't really related I think it would probably help.

Also, it's a personal interest.

I know we are part of the commonwealth, and have some sort of alliance with America, but my grandfather says that right now, some of our most powerful allies are the UK, America and Germany. I also know that Julia Gillard (our prime minister for anybody who is scanning through this) has been improving relationships with china.

SO, what are our alliances with other countries?

Also, if possible, I would like answers more focused on the military.

Yeah...i just read "tomorrow when the war began" again...

Oh, and I know that we have a really long standing alliance with New Zealand, and that Australia, Britain and New Zealand all have SAS (R) troops, and there are ANZAC corps, so could you perhaps give more detail to the Australia/New Zealand treaties?

Thanks guys.


Yeah...those kangaroos sure are dangerous...almost as bad as idiots stereotyping countries...

Thanks for the legit answers though.

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    8 years ago
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    Australia does not have any military alliance with China. In fact, China is Auz's biggest outside threat. Your PM is only trying to shore up trading agreements and do some diplomatic nice nice with China. China covets Australia's vast resources and is a potentential military threat in the future. In fact, Auz's only external threats are China and illegal immigrants. And maybe having too many Muslim immigrants that will start demanding Sharia law and an Auz State they can rename with a stan on the end ... How about "Queenstan"?

  • 8 years ago

    The Australians have several alliances in the world as of 2011 - December.

    Specifically the Australians have a very strong alliance with the native Kangaroos, along with the numerous venomous animals that are found in nature. Occasionally coral reefs/sharks will provide assistance against foreign naval fleets. Lastly the defenses of Australia consist of the billowing smoke that the wildfires churn up in the sky. The black clouds are very effective at blinding enemy pilots, impairing them enough to not locate the country.

    And there is your in depth look at the Australian alliances.

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