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BOYS!what do guys look for in a girl? ?

I'm 14 and never had a bf! Im average height weight and average looks but guys always just think I'm clever and nothing else andnot as pretty compared to my friends.. What do guys look for in a girl (teens) Hair? Eyes? Height????

Thank you!

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    What is wrong with being "cleaver"?

    You know how many "pretty" girls I have dated who are dull as dirt?

    I went out with one drop dead gorgeous girl who did not get "Mel Brooks" movies.

    It is not that she did not like his humor or anything, she did not understand it.

    Mel Brooks is not Noel Coward, and I understand if you don't like him, but to not understand him is like not getting the purpose of Angry Birds.

    Anyway, learn how to fix yourself up a bit. A guy deserves that doesn't he?

    And concentrate more on clever than looks. Looks fade, cleaver is forever.

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    9 years ago


    Compassion for others.




    A healthy sense of self.

    Modesty (in terms of ego).

    And for me personally, intelligence. Though if someone disagrees on this, that's fine. We're not the same people, and so it's understandable

    Yet the first four qualities cannot be ignored no matter who you are. If they are, then any relationship crumbles.

    The rest is up to you and the boy you're with. Do you get along? Do you have things in common? Do you have good chemistry?

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    Alright well I'm 13 and with my brother and his friends right Imma ask them:) Btw they're 14.

    My Brother:

    Hair: Brown, medium to long hair

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5'7

    Makeup: only a little makeup, natural looking. not like a snooki

    His Friend:

    Hair: Dirty Blonde, medium to long in length

    Eyes: Dont care

    Height: Shorter than him (hes 5'9)

    makeup: does not give a s**t

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    9 years ago

    sorry to say, but if I go looking for a girl based on a few characteristics, I might miss a better girl with different good characteristics.

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