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What happens after you NFL contract ?

Like say for example you sign a 7 year contract to play on the NFL for so much money what happens after wards are you done with your NFL carrier or can you continue playing but for only so much money Or are you just done with your NFL carrier

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  • Mike
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    Most NFL contracts are funny money contracts. The only money that really matters to a player is the guaranteed portion.

    Lets say you sign a 10 year, $100m contract w $25m guaranteed via signing bonus. For cap reasons the team is going to structure it to their best advantage. During game 3 of year two, you blow out a knee. You'll get cut the following training camp, keeping your $25m plus your yearly salary.

    The NFL is not a joke, its a "what can you do for me NOW" league, unlike MLB or the NBA.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A seven-year contract does not necessarily guarantee that you'll play the entire seven years. A small percentage of the deal is usually guaranteed meaning the club can cut you without penalty if you don't play as well as expected.

    If you do fulfill the terms of the contract you can negotiate an extension or take your talents elsewhere. Sometimes a team will designate you as a franchise player which means you must come back and play another season with them. Still, the average NFL career is less than four years so if you last for seven years you're well ahead of the game.

  • Ben
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    9 years ago

    You sign a new deal with that team or you become a free agent and hope someone else signs you to a new deal. Or you are done.

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