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Why do cats attach to one person?

My cat is really timid, and she has been from the first day we got her. She's 6 now, and still barely lets people touch her or hold her, except me. I've never been the most forward with her, and I'm not the one that feeds her, so why should she suddenly feel so comfortable around me?

I'm the only one she will sit with and the only one whose call she responds to! Is this just normal behavior for cats?

We have another cat by the way, who is the softest thing ever. He lets absolutely anything happen to him, he doesn't have a care in the world. Both have been brought up the same and they are brother and sister. (it is the girl who is timid.)

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    Some do and some breeds don't. My black bombay is attacted to only me. And my Maincon likes everyone. It really dependes on the breed.

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    Cats will adapt. They will get attached, or used to one person more if they spend more time with them. That doesn't mean that you can't build your own relationship with him. If you make it a point to give him a treat everytime you enter the door, he'll run to greet you. If you do the feeding, the brushing, and you are the one that sits on the couch and pets him, he'll learn that you are the one he wants to be around. My aunt died and left behind 2 cats, each one about 11 years old. They are now 13, and both used to run from anyone and everyone. They now come right up to me or my grandmother because we are the only people that come around them on a daily basis. They have grown to know and trust us, but they still hide from strangers. Don't be a stranger to your cat. Like I said, you be the one to give your cat the goodies he wants.

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    Cats all have different personalities, just like people do. Some cats love everyone, some maintain a special bond with one or a small number of people. My cat is VERY picky about who she goes to. She has a few people she has bonded with, and outside of that, she runs and hides. So it really depends on the cat. My parents cats are twin boys from the same litter, and one runs and hides when there's company, the other comes out to greet them, even though they grew up together. So your cat is perfectly normal. :)

  • She's comfortable with you because most cats prefer people who don't fuss over them or try to spend a lot of time with them because cats are independent animals and choose to come to a person who is of their liking. This is more common with female cats as males are more playful and less mature, and will enjoy having someone spend time with them.

    Source(s): Cat owner/lover for as long as i can remember :)
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    Obviously there's just somethign about you that she likes - perhaps she appreciates that you don't place any demands on her. Some cats are like this... Do you make a lot of fuss of the other cat? if you don't then that may be your answer, she's found someone who might be prepared to like her better than her pushy brother!

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    my boy and girl were exactly the same, they were only 6months apart, treated exactly the same since day 1 but she has always been shy and distrusting of people (both were rescued as kittens so its not like she could have built trust issues by then, she was just taken to the shelter with the rest of her litter)

    I have taken in 11 girls to date (all but her live with my mother in law as my husband and i rescued them as teenagers together) and all the girls apart from one are very shy and prefer their own company where as the boys are all trusting and care free, including my boy who lives with us now (my little girl sadly died 3months ago and our boy is going crazy being alone, even though she didn't seem to like our boy once he hit 2y/o?? both were fixed) we are getting another boy now to keep him company since i really do believe its the nature of girls to be distrusting, shy and only attach to one or two people. which is fine but we want him to have a play mate so a boy seems the way to go.

    your girl sounds completely normal to me :)

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