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i want to inform these men of the danngers?

some policement over at the pd sdoes not want to take the problems with mafia poisons seriously. i have lots of evidence pictures otf dead animals from the trash and ive decoded many mafia codes from magazines and internt aticles on the wold wide web. i wil send these to them. they can read them inthe privacy of their homses withot worying about mafia intervention. please, how can i get policemens private email adress and i will send the material to them an their families. to inform abot the imminent danngers.

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    Call the police tips hotline.

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    FYI that is considered a HS threat sending the material threw the mail and you can not find Police info just out for everyone to find,

    Now why would you be taking pictures of this stuff you need proof and "in action" kind of stuff. Just sending this stuff only makes you look bad! So leave the police work to the police and live your life not waste it

  • 8 years ago

    have you ever wtached the movie a beautiful mind?

  • 8 years ago

    You,sir, sound insane

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  • Aly
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    Are you sure your not drunk?

    If this is true, why don't you just walk up to thepolice and give to them..?



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