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need help with science-classifying chemical reactions?

i need help badly i tired and i cant do it. this is what its asking

classify each of the following chemical reactions as a synthesis(S), decomposition(D), single replacement(SR), double Replacement(DR), or neutralization(N).Then WRITE A BALANCED EQUATION for each of the word equations.

these are the questions

5.lead(II) nitrate + ammonium sulphide = cadmium(II)sulphide+ammonium nitrate

6.magnesium+silver nitrate = silver+magnesium nitrate

7.cadmium(II)nitrate+ammonium sulphide = cadmium(II)sulphide+ammonium nitrate

8.tin(IV)hydroxide+hydrogen bromide = water+tin(IV) bromide

9.sodium+oxygen = sodium oxide

10.sodium nitride = sodium+nitrogen

11.calcium hydroxide+phophoric acid = water+calcium phosphate

12.barium chloride+sodium carbonate = barium carbonate +sodium chlroide

13.zinc+nickel(II)nitrate = zinc nitrate + nickel

14.antimony+iodine = antimony(III)iodine

15.carbon dioxide = carbon+oxygen

16.iron(III)sulphate+lead = lead(II)sulphate+iron

17.barium nitrate + ammonium carbonate = ammonium nitrate+barium carbonate

18.zinc hydroxide+hydrochloric acid = water+zinc chloride

19.ammonium carbonate+magnesium chlroide = ammonium chloride + magnesium carbonate

20.rubdium hydroxiude+sulphuric acid = water +rubidium sulphate

i really appreciate this alot thank you

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    It is not necessary to post the same question twice: I repeat my answer to your other posting - I do not think that anyone will go through this whole list for you. In fact by adopting a logical approach and the check list I have already sent you , you should have no difficulty. Refer to my first answer to you.

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