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what calibers do lugers come in?

ive seen them in 9mm and 22 lr. is there any others?

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  • cmcvpr
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    9mm Luger and .30 Luger (7.65).

    There were also a very, very, few made in .45 (submitted to the trials that eventually selected the 1911) .380, and .32 ACP but you'll never see one in these calibers. They were never sold commercially and only experimental models were made. I don't remember the exact number but it was very low, something on the order of less than 5 of each caliber are known to ever exist. They are the Holy Grail of Luger collecting.

    The .22's aren't really Lugers, they were made much later (1970's) than the originals by the company (Stoeger) that owned the rights to the "Luger" name in the U.S., which also made some in 9mm and .30. These centerfire calibers are referred to as "American Eagle" Lugers.

    There was another German manufacturer (Erma) that made some Luger look-a-likes in .22 and .380 in the 70's, but they also aren't "true" Lugers and don't bear that name even though the action is similar.

    There are also gunsmiths that currently make .45 Lugers by modifying existing Luger frames. It takes two original Luger frames to make one .45, so as you imagine these aren't cheap.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    9mm and 7.65mm appears to be the original factory calibers, post war came the 45acp Luger and .22LR Luger. there's also the 9x18 and 9mm Kurz that are likely military factory conversions during the cold war.

  • Scott
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    8 years ago

    They came in 9mm, 7.65mm and .45 ACP. The .22 is not an original design.

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