Amazon kindle giftcards?

Ok so for Christmas this year I got an amazon kindle fire and so did my brother. I want to redeem my gift cards I got but I don't want my brother to use it. How can I make it so only I can use it? Were also on the same prime account

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, if your both using the same amazon account to buy the same digital content on the fire, you will likely both be able to access the purchased products from both kindle fires - this is actually generally considered a good thing since you can then share then content and only purchase it once :).

    If you want your own access then you would need to create a seperate amazon account for your fire and your own purchases.

    The easiest way to apply your gift card balance is to login on your amazon account on you computer here:

    Go to your "my account" settings after logging in, apply your gift card.. then add all the products you want to purchase to your checkout (including digital products) and use the gift balance you added previously to pay for it.

    Any digital products you purchase on your computer will automatically load onto you kindle as long as you register it for the same kindle account on your kindle fire.

    Hope that helps., since I find it way easier to buy and purchase my kindle content on my computer.

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