Why do people keep saying the Bulls won't win the finals because Derrick Rose can't carry the team?

They have arguably the best starting 5 in the NBA with him, Boozer, Deng, Noah, and Hamilton, and they also have one of the best bench mobs. Last season, all they were missing was a legitimate scorer at the SG position, and they now have Rip Hamilton. While he may be old and not the best option available, he is still a threat to score and is bound to keep some pressure off Rose because he can score. I think they have a shot if Rip can play well with the Bulls and if they stay healthy.

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    9 years ago
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    I haven't heard this either from any of the sports analysis but Bulls having arguably the deepest team in the NBA and people say Bulls can't win the Finals? Alot of analysis are backing the Bulls. Can't carry the Bulls but didn't Rose just carry the Bulls in the Final seconds against the Lakers for the Win.

    This year with Rip I think they have the best shot, they still are the best defensive team in the NBA. Heat grabbed rusty Battier thinking he has the good defense he once had but than again his defense only work well against slowing guys, that's around his height or shorter. That defense did not appear one time with the Grizzles.

    They didn't even play Battier in the blowout against Mavs.

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    The problem is that the Bulls really don't have a great 2nd option that can create his own shot. When the Bulls played the Heat in the ECF last year, LeBron was able to contain Rose. It was that situation in which the Bulls needed a legit 2nd option to take some of the pressure off of Rose. Hamilton does help a little bit but I'm not sure if he'll be enough to overrtake a team like the Heat.

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    i think of the bulls would be a playoff group this 365 days ,yet Derrick rose isn't the only reason. this entire season is going to be a getting to understand adventure for Derrick, any progression they make previous the 33 wins is nice. Besdies that, the Bulls have been a solid group devoid of Rose, they only slipped up final 365 days because of fact of group morale. engaged on all cylinders the bulls will pull out a .500 season and make the playoffs because of fact the seventh seed. i think of the Playoffs will bypass as follows East: a million - Boston Celtics 2 - Detroit Pistons 3 - Orlando Magic 4 - Cleveland Cavaliers 5 - Philadelphia 76ers 6 - Toronto Raptors 7 - Chicago Bulls 8 - Washington Wizards West: a million - L.A. Lakers 2 - New Orleans Hornets 3 - San Antonio Spurs 4 - Utah Jazz 5 - Houston Rockets 6 - Phoenix Suns 7 - Dallas Mavericks 8 - Portland Trailblazers

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    I agree, and also Boozer needs to put a little more effort on defense. I know it will be tough, but I know the Bulls can beat the heat.

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  • 9 years ago

    Miami has bron, wade, and battier as wing defenders. Deng, rose, and hamilton are not good enough to overcome those 3. And they also could never outscore a team like the new knicks, heat, or thunder

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    9 years ago

    They didn't come close to beating Miami last season, and adding Rip Hamilton still wont be enough to beat that team-- especially since Miami has also upgraded their roster.

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    I actually haven't herd this even though I watch sports 24/7. But they proboly mean that he is still young and inexperienced in the NBA.

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