Is There another ISP Desktop Browser besides AOL?

ISP meaning ''Internet Service Provider''. because in the game website that im at i can no longer log in it using AOL IP changer :( any suggestions??

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think what you're asking is almost a trick question. Because everyone has either cable internet or DSL these days, AOL has evolved into a Yahoo-like web portal for searches, free email, news, sports, etc, and its dialup service and software is all but gone. AOL as we knew it in the 90's is pretty dead. They may still have it but very few people use it. Back in the day, Compuserve (which later got taken over by AOL), MSN and a few others either had their own software like AOL or made attempts to, but that era is over. Everyone has broadband internet with wireless routers now. Very few people use dialup. AOL is great as a Yahoo-like web portal and their free email is one of the best free email accounts available, as you can use it on the web or any POP or IMAP capable email program for free.

    The only people who use dialup are those who live in rural areas where broadband is not available or those who are on very difficult budgets, but the vast majority are on a broadband internet service like XFinity (Comcast), Charter or Fios (Verizon), and that's bad news for "the old AOL," not so bad for "the new AOL."

  • 9 years ago

    As far as I know...AOL is the only ISP that has it's own (IE based) browser. Do you have the latest AOL update? The problem is probably some "legal" issue with the IP changer. You'll have to try some other browsers.

  • 4 years ago

    I used AOL for the longest time, and while i latterly upgraded to Vista final month I suddenly met the comparable issues specifically with the undeniable fact that the two courses are very RAM based, i could advise that in case you're utilising a baseline computer with in basic terms sufficient ram to qualify for vista which you try a isp like human beings-computing device, or according to threat earth-hyperlink because of undeniable fact that many of the time you could in basic terms use the dialer to bypass on line and not could use the entire software until you go with to, and maximum of them are going to be greater inexpensive than AOL besides. try the hyperlink to human beings-computing device decrease than and maximum of them would have an ordeal time you could try them devoid of the dedication.

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