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Where can I find near San Diego for a Pet Rescue to give my cat to since I cant pay her doctor bills anymore.?

I have had my lovely cat now for 3 years. Im 22 years old and I got her because my dad passed away when I was 17 and wanted a Himalyan to help with my sorrow. After a year and a half, she became very ill and got glaucoma. She is now blind :(. After a few doctor visits she became sick again and now has kidney disease. Every 6 months I go to the doctor due to her not feeling well. She is constantly needing doctor visits. I never though this was going to happen but Im a student and pursuing an International Business Degree and wanting to specialize in green technology. I want to bring new technologies from Europe to America to make our country greener. I love my cat so much but I cant afford her doctor bills anymore. I dont want to put her asleep and trying to find an organization who can properly take care of her and adopt her to a nice family. She is a white flame point Himalyan and is 8 years old. She loves to give massages. She loves to cuddle. She is generally fine its just every 6 months she tends to feel ill and needs to go to the vet. Thanks i hope i find some places or aids to help me.

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    Cat Adoption Service

    Phone: (760) 550-2287

    Cat Adoption Service is a no-kill, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of homeless cats and kittens, with weekly adoption events at the La Jolla PETsMART. No shelter...foster homes, only.

    Friends of Cats

    Location: 15587 Olde Hwy 80 in El Cajon

    Phone: 619-561-0361 X10

    Shelter for homeless and unwanted cats that provides adoption services a well as a sanctuary for cats that are terminally ill or considered unadoptable. Once they take a cat, they never kill it unless medically necessary.

    Friends Of County Animal Shelters (FOCAS)

    Phone: 619-685-3536

    A foster and adoption organization that works with three shelters run by the County Department of Animal Services. They manage a small foster program consisting of pets taken from the three municipal County-run shelters.

    Kitty Rescue of San Diego, Inc.

    Phone: 619-545-2301


    A small cat rescue organization with most of the cats coming from owner relinquishments, and some coming from the County shelters. Funding is supplied through private donations, local city grants, and personal funds. There are no paid assistants.

    National Cat Protection Society

    9031 Birch Street, in Spring Valley

    Phone: 619-469-8771

    This shelter takes in owner relinquished cats and kittens, and runs an adoption program. They also have a retirement program for cats that are not adoptable. They have another facility in Newport Beach.

    Pacific Animal Welfare Society of Coronado (PAWS)

    Phone: 619-435-8247


    All-volunteer organization dedicated to facilitating the adoptions for the Coronado Animal Shelter in addition to assisting Coronado residents in re-homing their pets. They run a foster program for homeless animals, while raising money to build a new Coronado Animal Shelter.

    Shelter Pet Partners

    Phone: 619-212-0499

    SPP rescues dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, and has one of the most complete networks of foster homes throughout the County. They also host weekend adoption events, and maintain cat adoption facilities in various pet supply stores throughout the County. We've worked closely with this organization for more than 6 years. They rescue thousands of pets every year, without the expense of a shelter.

    The Rescue House

    Phone: 760-591-1211

    Rescue, foster, and adoption services. They find loving homes for unwanted, abandoned, homeless and abused cats, regardless of age and often handicap. There are 8 adoption centers throughout San Diego. They are volunteer based, and often will take cats that other organizations refuse. Once they take a cat in, the NEVER kill it, unless medically necessary. Since 1999, they've saved 8,700 cats....they have stepped up to the plate to save MANY cats we have directed to them.

    The Rosebud Society



    Rescues cats and kittens from local animal shelters (and other locations), that would otherwise be euthanized. They accept cats with moderate to severe medical needs, and kittens too young to survive. Cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchiped and made available for adoption, when healthy.

    United Hope For Animals

    Phone: 909-801-0012 or 858-405-6267

    A huge network of volunteers and fosters committed to ending the suffering and mistreatment of dogs and cats in Tijuana and all Southern California. Provide rescue, and adoption/foster care where- and whenever possible. Provide spay/neuter services in Tijuana, as well as humane euthanasia in their shelters.

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    Cat Adoption San Diego

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    that is awful! perhaps you can find her a good home right off the bat post an ad on craigslist and i guarentee a loving owner will want to adopt her from you. If you take her to a shelter, she may get put down, or be there for months before she is adopted

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