Now that Tom Brokaw is hitting the talk shows to promote his book, isn't his true LIBERAL colors showing?

As we all knew he was when he was anchoring the NEWS?

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    8 years ago
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    I got to admit that I liked Tom Brokaw when he was with the network news. And when he began pitching his last book: The Greatest Generation (1998) I said to myself, self that is a great story to be told ... my parent's generation, my dad who served in the US Marine Corp in the Pacific WW II. That's got to be good book. I gotta read it. So, I did buy and read the book. What a piece of soft, grocery store checkout aisle mush. What a let down. It was written for 6th graders, if you ask me. I won't ever buy another of his books again.

    Source(s): The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw - Book - eBook May 1, 2001 – It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced." In this superb book, Tom Brokaw goes out into America, to tell through ...
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