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what are subatomic particles?

what is an atom made up of

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    an atom is made of NEUTRONS, PROTONS & ELECTRONS. . .

    these are subatomic. but these themselves are made up of even smaller particles.

    Neutrons, Protons & Electrons are made of SUBATOMIC PARTICLES

    called Quarks, Leptons & Bosons,

    the six "flavors" of quarks: up, down, bottom, top, strange, and charm.

    the six types of leptons: electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tau, tau neutrino.

    and there are 13 gauge bosons (force carriers): *the graviton of gravity, *the photon of electromagnetism, *the three W and Z bosons of the weak force, *and the eight gluons of the strong force.

    Source(s): im an amateur chemist
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    the particles that make up an atom like neutrons (neutral, in nucleus), protons (positively charged, in nucleus), and electrons (negatively charged, in "cloud" or "shells" around nucleus)

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