The truth about NATO?

I want to know more about what N.A.T.O. REALLY does and why their influence isn't positive? I know they way in which they go about things isn't good, but I don't have any solid facts behind my argument. My parents (who are very much politically ignorant) think that they're this great organization that prevents wars, which I know isn't true. Please, recommend for me some basic readings that will help me understand the issues better.

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    NATO was created in the late 1940's as a response to the growing power of communist Russia. If one of the member countries were attacked, then everyone would come to their aid. The Soviet Union, in response, created the Warsaw Pact which was basically Russia and Eastern Europe.

    Their purpose was good during the Cold War because it split up the World into two groups and there was a balance of economic and military power. This keeps Russia from attacking weak countries like France, Belgium, etc. (like what the Germans did in WW2) If Russia attacked France, then the rest of NATO will be at war with Russia.

    Now that the Cold War is over, there really isn't much purpose for NATO because there is no common goal. Many member countries are trying to keep it together, but there really is no point. The only thing that sort of keeps NATO together is Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghan War), but there are still many member countries that hardly help at all.

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    5 years ago

    NATO doesn't have any function anymore. The Cold War is over. Nato was created for that period.

  • Alex G
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    9 years ago

    NATO is good because it keeps the USA involved in Europe and Europe responsible in part for that part of US security.

    It has many flaws one of them lack of accountability to the people of the member countries, but has otherwise contributed to the preservation of peace in Europe (Bosnia, Kosovo) and the Mediterranean (Libya).

    NATO was not so successful in Afghanistan and has petty but dangerous squabbles with Russia over an unnecessary anti missile system that is to be installed in Poland to defend Israel against Iranian missiles. One look at the map will reveal why that wouldn't work.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    NATO was originally formed to confront the threat of the soviet union.

    Now, it is pretty much controlled by the US govet (who is the biggest supplier of NATO troops and funding) and is used to cover up their asses when they want to get involved somewhere but don't want their name to go on that country. Instead, they say NATO made that decision, not the U.S.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your going to get many one-sided answers, but they are Murderers. (Not all but most of them)

    (Look at the NATO section on the bottom of the website under my source)

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