Do you think the Iraqi Kurds will try to use Iraqi Vice President Hashemi as a bargaining chip with the Arabs?

The Kurds aren't too happy that Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution hadn't been implemented in all these years. More than anything, I think they want a vote on whether or not Kirkuk should join the autonomous Kurdistan region.

I think they could go to the Sunnis and the Shiites and see which one will give them a vote on Kirkuk.

If the Sunni Arabs endorse the Kirkuk referendum, the Kurds won't release Hashemi to Baghdad.

But if Prime Minister al-Maliki immediately gives them the Kirkuk referendum, then the Kurds will hand Hashemi over to the Shiite-led government for a trial.

What do you think will happen?

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    9 years ago
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    The Kurds as a people have wanted independence for a long time, and Iraq is the only government in that area that is weak enough to allow such independence to occur. Hashemi is nothing more than a pawn to be used by the Kurds. I think they'll hand him over eventually, but not without gaining significant concessions, although I doubt they'll gain the vote you're describing. The Iraqi government is desperately trying to appear strong in the aftermath of the US withdrawal, and allowing one of the most oil-rich territories in the nation to pack up and join an autonomous region will do nothing to improve that image. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Kurds eventually revolt and try to gain independence from Iraq.

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    Neither Iran or Turkey will let this go easy, so nothing will happen to the Kurdistan region

    For Hashimi's future... scenarios are open

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