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How to get Taylor gang title on mw3?

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    Taylor Gang isn't an official MW3 title. You can put whatever you'd like on your callsign title using COD Elite and the Clan function. The people you see have subscriptions to Call of Duty Elite and have created clans. Being in a clan on COD Elite allows you to use your clan name as your title. There are 5 special titles that go behind your clan name, so you can name yourself whatever you want and it will be available on your title in game. Whoever you saw using Rage Quit, that is just their Clan Name and they have put it as their titles.

    The first of which is available for getting your clan to level 5. There are 5 titles for being in a clan. One for getting your clan to level 5, 15, 30, 40 and the top one being 50. Once you level your clan a bit you can put that custom text on any title. Hope this helps!

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    I love your name. I used to have a book when I was a little kid who's main protagonist was Felix the Fish. :D And I loved him.

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    Wrong section.

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