I need a fake town name for my story?

I'm writing a book and my character is moving to Valdez, Alaska. The story is going to have allot to do with Native American superstitions so I'd like it to be Native American or something that sounds like a tribe name, or it could just be something catchy, anything will help, thanks :).

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    Alaskan natives include: Aleut, Inuit, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and Eyak.

    Below is a full list of the different Alaska Native cultures. Within each culture are many different tribes:



    Deg Hit’an







    Lower Tanana


    Upper Tanana






    Inupiat (an Inuit people)


    Siberian Yupik



    Sugpiaq (Alutiiq)



    Aleut (in their own language they refer to themselves as Unangan)

    Wiki also has a list of Alaska Native tribal entities: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Alaska_Native...

    Good luck with your story.

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    My knowledge of native american names isn't great, but I know some Siberian ones. And since Alaska once belonged to Russia....

    Otorten (maybe add village on the end.)- Otorten means "mountain of the dead". So if your aiming for something kind of creepy or eerie.

    Atka- a word from the Inuit culture meaning Guardian Spirit. I'd add something to the end though considering how short this one is.

    Ko'ko- A more southern native american name meaning "watcher of the dark." This one is not so much Alaskan though.

    Amarok- my memories kind of fuzzy on this one but I think it has to do with some wolf in the Inuit mythology.

    Malina- Inuit sun goddess.

    Aurora Springs- you know, the Aurora Borealis...

    Chapa-ai- Im pretty sure this one means "star-gate."

    Qilalugaq Qernartaq- means "one who points to the sky." Kind of lengthy though.

    Okanagan- "place to stay forever." I thought this one was pretty cool.

    Quidlivun- Land of the Moon. I guess it's sort of like heaven in Inuit mythology.

    Alignak- Inuit god of tides

    ...That's all I got.

    Well, good luck :)

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    Try doing some research and looking up a real tribe in the area. You could even show some real history of the place and tribe of your choice in your story.

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    Chippewa, or Ottawa

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