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Subtle Knife question?

does anybody know if new line sold the rights to the his dark materials because I would love to know if there is ever a hope of a movie of the subtle knife and the amber spyglass I love the golden compass just wish they kept the ending in. I heard that they did and bbc might make it ? or a show anything would be nice at this point


yeah I know I want someone outside of America to do it so the religous people won't affect them as much i'm hoping maybe bbc or a german or swedish company? or something anything! because I love the books I love the movie too even though they ruined the end and the sequence of events.

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    There is a slim chance that anyone will currently take on the task of producing the Subtle Knife as a movie. It was planned originally by the same producers who made The Golden Compass, but was cancelled because of complaints from a variety of religions, mainly Christianity. They believed that Philip Pullman was trying to convince people that God didn't truly exist, etc.

    Personally, I was extremely annoyed about this - after all, if they believe the movie is offensive, then they don't have to watch it, do they? But it was cancelled, nonetheless.

    Which is a shame, because even though they could've done a much better job with The Golden Compass, I would've been interested to see who they would cast as Will and how the story would continue.

    [edit] Found an interesting morsel of information about it on wikipedia:

    'Before the release of The Golden Compass on December 7, 2007, New Line said that an adaptation of The Subtle Knife would go into production only if the first film was a success.[1] The Golden Compass made over twice its budget worldwide, but was a disappointment in the United States, leaving the fate of its sequel unclear. The international rights were also originally sold to provide financing for the first film, thus amounting to a significant disappointment for New Line Cinema. Producer Deborah Forte, however, is adamant that she will finish the trilogy, saying, "I believe there are enough people who see what a viable and successful franchise we have."[2] However, nearly 4 years after release, it's likely that the younger members of the cast have now outgrown their roles; especially given that the events of the novel take place immediately following the conclusion of the first story. This presents new significant artistic obstacles in addition to the previously mentioned financial difficulties.

    As the second novel of the His Dark Materials trilogy, the book has also formed part of a radio drama on BBC Radio 4 starring Terence Stamp as Lord Asriel and Lulu Popplewell as Lyra, and as a two-part, six-hour performance for London's Royal National Theatre in December 2003, running until March 2004, and a second run between November 2004 and April 2005.'

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    A movie won't be cancelled if religious groups protest. That's just not how it works. Tons of movies that are far more offensive get greenlit and produced.

    The Golden Compass didn't make enough money. End of story. And since the sequels are (in my and several others' opinions) far inferior, the chances are extremely slim

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