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Atheist!!! I asked an Atheist to answer my questions about Atheism, here are his answers? What do you think?

Give me the Atheistic world view? Over 13 billion years has past sense the expansion of our Universe into existence. Millions of galaxies, close to a billion Stars (Suns) within these galaxies, as well as close to a billion Satellites and planets and other space objects which encircle the Stars (Suns). Our planet is located at the edge of normal galaxy which is heated directly towards a collusion with our neighboring galaxy. Our Sun is destined to become a white dwarf. We exist on a 4.5 billion year old Planet which is either too hot or too cold to sustain life. Much like the rest (majority) of our Universe which is not life sustaining. Over 99% of all species that have ever existed on Planet Earth have gone extinct, and the remaining 1% of species are going extinct everyday. Our species which is about 100,000 years old has come on the Evolutionary picture after a massive catastrophic event in Earth history. Namely the catastrophic event which wiped out many of the Dinosaurs. Only a handful of these Dinosaurs remained to evolve into today's creatures, Which includes us, the Homosapiens (evolved apes, the thinking ape).

What is the origin of life here on our home Planet (Planet Earth)? We don't know how life originated here on Earth but we know how life can originate under certain circumstances.

How did the Universe come into existence? No one knows. Not the Smarty Pants (Scientists), nor the wanna be holy people (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Buddhist...)

Why don't you have faith in God? Provide me with your arguments, if your argument have any merit then we can talk more but based on my research and experience on many of the Modern world religions (Christianity, Islam...) I have concluded that these world religions have no good case for any of their claims.

RIP Christopher Hitchens, peace be with his loved ones.


OMG!!!! Why is everybody so rude!!!!!

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    For starters, the only view that I can definitely say I share with other Atheists is that I do not believe there are Gods.

    "What is the origin of life here on our home Planet" - The best explanation is abiogenesis. It is a sound theory, backed up by evidence and research and explains how life could have begun. We may never know for sure and there is always that billion to one chance that our planet was seeded pink unicorns or even a meteorite containing bacteria.

    "How did the Universe come into existence?" - It could be that the natural state of a absolute nothing is to spawn time and space. It could be that this is just what absolute nothing does. It is nonsensical to ask what was there before this occurrence because "before" is an application of time and there wasn't time until time and space came into existence. Ergo "In the beginning, there was time and space."

    "Why don't you have faith in God?" - I was brought up a critical thinker. I was not introduced to the concept of God until after I had developed critical thinking. At the time, when I was about 7 years old, the IRA were having a quite successful bombing campaign. They were planting bombs in places like shopping centers and railway stations and I vividly remember one of the victims being a small baby. Thus when I was introduced to the concept of God, my issues were that there was no evidence to support the hypothesis and plenty of evidence to the contrary. I didn't know that I was an Atheist until I was told by those trying to teach me about Christianity. At 7 I was told "Oh, so you believe in evilution?" (intentional spelling) I then had to go and find out what it meant and came to the conclusion that yes, organisms changing minutely from generation to generation result in big changes over millions of years made far more sense than an invisible omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent entity just standing by and allowing a small baby to get hurt in a bomb blast. At the age of 7 I would have done anything in my power to prevent those people from getting hurt, yet I was supposed to believe that there was an omnipotent being that could have prevented it and didn't. To date, there has not been any evidence presented to me. If God exists and wants me to believe, then it is well within his capabilities to do so. Just as I don't just accept the claims of someone who says my roof needs fixing when it's not leaking, I don't just accept the claims who have a vested interest (or are drawing a wage) when they tell me that God exists especially when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

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    Actually atheism does now not rely on "religion", so that's sort of a foolish factor to mention, sort of like anybody wasting religion unsure. The phrase atheist simply way "anybody who does now not consider in any God". That is all there may be to it, so what could you have got to have "religion" in? No one could have proof that indicates some thing didn't occur. There isn't any proof to help the declare that the Roman Empire despatched a legion to the moon for precisely the equal rationale. What we now have is the absence of proof to help any optimistic declare that any God or gods exist. There is in no way going to be proof that proves some thing does now not exist. Just like there are not able to be proof for against the law that used to be now not dedicated. For instance; there's no proof to exhibit that there's no Santa Claus. There isn't any proof that Russell's teapot does not exist, and in a similar fashion there's no proof that any God exists. That is how proof works. So if you're "outta right here" quite simply seeing that you're too dull to recognize that? So why must we care? It's now not love it concerns to us if you're atheist or now not. As some distance as I am worried, do not allow the door hit you at the butt whilst you depart, and feature a excellent day.

  • We do know how life originated on Earth. After the matter from the Big Bang was brought together by gravity, the earths' mass was created, after which single cell organisms began to spawn via abiogenesis, and gave rise to more complex multi-cellular organisms.

    The Universe is the product of the rapid expansion of matter and energy caused by the Big Bang. We can accurately determine that at a finite time in the universes past all matter originated from a single point, a singularity where all matter was condensed.

    Humanity is almost destined to join the %99 of species that have become extinct, on the universal timeline we have existed for barely a blink.

    As for why I dont have faith;

    Jehovah is only one God in a list of hundreds upon hundreds of mythological figures that cultures have sifted through over the centuries. The Greeks and the Mayans and the Romans were polytheistic, believing in many gods, each with their own sacred texts and idols and saviours supposed to have walked the earth. The Norse had Zeus, and his son Odin, saviour of mankind, who was granted the Secrets of the Runes after many days of self imposed suffering. After his death, Odin rose to Valhalla where he sits at the right hand of Zeus the Almighty. Hercules was supposed to have walked the earth and shared his stories with many men.

    Each of these many religions has come and gone to be dismissed as myth and superstition by the cultures that came after them. Christianity is just another religion in the long list that has constantly been dispelled and laughed at by subsequent cultures. It is no different from any that have come before.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, a 2000 year old mythological text written 30 years after it's supposed saviour walked the earth is not extraordinary evidence nor should it be treated as such. Remember that Jehovah had no qualms about appearing to thousands upon thousands of witnesses time and time again during biblical times, yet has suddenly become camera shy in the new age. Christians argue that faith is needed to appreciate and understand the story of Jehovah. However you must remember that it is called 'faith' because it is not knowledge. Faith is believing in something because you want it to be true, not because of any evidence.

    We can explain the world we live in using evidence and history that does not agree with creationism. Christians have had 2000 years to come up with evidence but still fail, attempting to bend scientific finds to suit biblical ends, or downright ignoring them.

    God does not exist, it's time to grow up instead of being born again.

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    Agreed with most of it but we all have our individual views.We only share the common disbelief in any gods

    Why bring up the Hitch? Kind of random...

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    "How did the Universe come into existence?"

    The big bang is the current accepted model.

    I don't have faith in God because I can't have faith in that which I do not believe.

    Source(s): P.S. You sound an awful lot like an agnostic atheist.
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    As a minister in the church of god in christ Atheist don't know how they got here they base their thought off of darwins theory that we all developed from monkeys. But i know that god had a son and his name was jesus they crucified him on calvary and he shed his blood for all my sins. The bible tails me in genesis that in the begining god created the world. And when god said let their be light their was light. The only book that i need to prove it is the bible. Tail him to read it because for every question he has their is a answer for it. Basic instructions before leaving earth!!!!!

    Source(s): THE BIBLE
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    Education is never complete, but at least they're heading down the right track.

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    I'd rather believe nothing than believe in something with doubt.

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    That is the individual's view.

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    There is no 'atheist world view' you fool. Come back when you understand atheism. Stop peddling this bulls**t.

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