List of Asian Dramas about...?

Dancing (any style)

Fashion (already watched baby-faced beauty)

Singing (already watch you're beautiful)

Acting (something like skip beat, film work can be theatre work as well)

Water sports such as swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, water polo etc including life guard duties if such a thing exists.

Massage (masseur) someone studying a course or working in the industry

A girl who has had past boyfriends and can not seem to find the one and his/her prince/ss comes their way

Cinderella themed stories (poor to rich)

Similiar dramas like you're beautiful

Dramas dabbling in mental or cognitive disorders

Thank you.


And florist

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    Some dramas that you could check out for the categories you suggested are:

    Singing & Dancing--Dream High, What's Up? (new drama), Roseate-Love (Taiwanese drama)

    Fashion--Paradise Kiss (Japanese Movie), Style, Cinderella Man, Prince + Princess 2 (Taiwanese Drama),

    Cosmetics Industry (similar to Fashion)--Color of Woman (new drama, just started airing)

    Acting--The Greatest Love (a.k.a Best Love), Oh! My Lady, Skip Beat (Taiwanese Drama Version is now airing),

    Sports (not sure of water sports specifically)--Triple (figure skating), Running Shirt (long distance running), Hot Shot (Taiwanese Drama, basketball)

    Cinderella Themed--My Princess, Goong (a.k.a Princess Hours), My Girl, Romantic Princess (Taiwanese drama)

    Dramas similar to You're Beautiful (i.e. girls cross-dressing/masquerading as guys, mistaken gender identity)--Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Coffee Prince, Ouran High School Host Club (J-drama), Hana Kimi (J-drama), Down With Love (Taiwanese Drama)

    Psychological Thriller type dramas--White Christmas, Soul, Liar Game (J-drama), Mysterious Incredible Terminator (a.k.a Pi Li MIT, Taiwanese drama)

    **Note View dramas at your own discretion. Not all of these dramas were good (for example, for the fashion category Style and Cinderella Man fit but weren't great dramas overall). But check out one or two episodes for yourself before deciding to commit to the drama.

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    Korean Dramas: • Princess Hours/Goong (<--- that is my favourite hehe) • Love Rain • Playful Kiss • Boys Over Flowers • You're Beautiful • Heartstrings • Coffee Prince • City Hunter (motion-romance) • Personal Taste • Lie To Me • My Girl • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho • My Princess • One Percent of Anything • Full House (traditional kdrama) • The Greatest Love • Protect the Boss • Prosecutor Princess • Operation Proposal • forty nine Days • Big • Sungkyunkwan Scandal • Pasta • Rooftop Prince • The King two Hearts • Shining Inheritance • You're My Destiny • Autumn in My Heart (traditional kdrama) • Winter Sonata (traditional kdrama) • Stairway to Heaven (traditional kdrama) • Mary Stayed Out All Night • Oh! My Lady • A Gentleman's Dignity • I Need Romance • I do, I do • Bridal Mask • Scent of a Woman • Creating Destiny • Miss Ripley • IRIS • Sweet 18 • Will It Snow for Christmas? • Operation Proposal • Dream High & Dream High two • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop • Shut Flower Boy Band • To The Beautiful You (upcoming drama; Korean variation of Hana Kimi) • Haeundae Lovers • Can You Hear My Heart • Faith (upcoming drama) • Arang and the Magistrate (upcoming drama) • Full House two (upcoming drama) If you wanna examine out a few Korean films: • Windstruck • My Sassy Girl • one hundred Days With Mr. Arrogant • Seducing Mr. Perfect • two hundred Pounds Beauty • He Was Cool • My Tutor Friend a million&two • Architecture a hundred and one • A Millionaires First Love • Baby And I • My Little Bride • Innocent Steps • Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Taiwanese Dramas: • It Started with a Kiss a million & two • Fated to Love You • Love You • Meteor Garden (Taiwanese variation of Boys Over Flowers) • Love Buffet • Devil Beside You • Autumn's Concerto • Love or Bread • My Lucky Star • Why Why Love • Absolute Boyfriend • Summer's Desire Japanese Dramas: • Hana Yori Dango (that is the Jap. variation of Boys Over Flowers. Many men and women pick this variation, incidentally, they are saying it is larger) • Atashinchi no Danshi • Mei-chan no Shitsuji • Yamato Nadeshiko shichi Henge • a million Litre of Tears • Hanazakari no Kimitachi (Hana Kimi/For You in Blossom) • Nodame Cantabile • Nobuta wo Produce • Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi (I pick this over the Taiwanese variation, within the Taiwanese variation the fundamental woman is Goo Hye Sun) • Ouran High School Host Club • Kimi wa Petto (they did a Korean variation of this it is You're My Pet) • Seigi no Mikata • Gokusen • Koizora (there's a film!)

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    Here's some drama i have seen:


    Dream High(korean), Tumbling(japanese), What's Up?(korean)


    *Style(korean), Cindarella Man(korean), Prosecutor Princess(korean)


    *Ikemen desu ne(japanese), Mary Stayed Out All Night(korean), Heartstrings(korean), Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake(japanese)


    *The World That They Live In(korean), Myung Wol The Spy(korean), The Greatest Love(korean), Skip Beat(Taiwanese), Aishiteru to Itte Kure (japanese)


    *Pride(japanese), Buzzer Beat(japanese), Hot Shot(japanese)


    *A Thousand Kisses(korean), Personal Taste(korean)

    Cinderella stories:

    *Goong(korean), My Princess(korean), The Princess' Man(korean), Romantic Princess(Taiwanese), My Girl(korean)

    Dramas dabbing in mental disorders:

    *Last Friends(japanese), Bad Guy(korean), Mars(Taiwanese), Man Of Honor(Korean), Nobuta Wo Produce(japanese), Zeni Geba(japanese)

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