Playoff Semifinal Lineup: Where to Start RB/WR C.J. Spiller?

I'm up against the #1 seed in my money league and need input on the best possible lineup for this week.

The beautiful thing about C.J. Spiller is he's eligible to play as a RB or WR. He's projected to have a big game against a decent Broncos defense and, coming off a 31-point game last week, I'm tempted to start him this week.

But who do I bench? Blount has been hit-or-miss all season and only scored 3 points the last time he was up against the weak Panthers run defense. Colston has been mediocre since his return due to Brees' many receiving options, but he's had a good last 2 weeks. Harvin has had a great month but the Saints held him to 2 points last week and he's up against a decent Redskins secondary this week.

Keep in mind my league scores return yardage equally as rushing and receiving yardage, so Darren Sproles and Percy Harvin have had much success (ranked #5 RB and #4 WR respectfully) this season. Also, we play a WR/TE flex position and Jimmy Graham (ranked #2 TE) has held down that spot since Week 2.

I'm open to any other lineup changes, so please feel free to comment.

Here's what my starting lineup has pretty much looked like the past few weeks:

QB Michael Vick vs. Cowboys

RB Darren Sproles vs. Falcons

RB Michael Turner vs. Saints

RB/WR LeGarrette Blount vs. Panthers

WR Percy Harvin vs. Redskins

WR Marques Colston vs. Falcons

WR/TE Jimmy Graham vs. Falcons

D/ST Jets vs. Giants

K John Kasay vs. Falcons


RB/WR C.J. Spiller vs. Broncos

RB Pierre Thomas vs. Falcons

RB Steven Jackson vs. Steelers

RB Peyton Hillis vs. Ravens

WR Laurent Robinson vs. Eagles

WR Mario Manningham vs. Jets

TE Aaron Hernandez vs. Dolphins

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do not play Blount this week.

    I expect him to do very little as he will not be a factor in the second half. Put Spiller in for Blount.

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