What's a good anime to watch on netflix?

I want to watch any cheesy anime like gun x sword

I've watch high school of the dead anime already

Elfen lied and both fullmetal alchemist series

Anything with a good story?


i meant i dont want to watch anything cheesy like that lame anime gun x sword.

Update 2:

ive watched inuyasha before so thats out of the box.

Update 3:

Howls moving castle wasnt as good as i thought it would be.

characters and animation kind of reminded me of ponyo and what not.

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    9 years ago
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    If your looking for romance/comedy:

    1) Ouran Highschool Host Club is amazing! its about a girl, Haruhi Fujioka,who everyone thinks is a boy after she cut her hair. She goes to a expensive private school, and on a scholarship since she isn't rich like everyone else at the school. She wants to study so goes into a "empty" music room, which actually has the "Host Club" in it. she breaks a vase and has to pay it back, so she works as the clubs dog and one by one they find out shes a girl. Highly Recommended!

    2) School Rumble. Sophmore,Tenma Tsukamoto (a ditsy, cute, and weird girl) is in love with Oji Karasuma, the weirdest boy in her class , and trys to overcome obstacles to try to tell him, or at least have a little high school romance. Harima ( the schools Rebel) is in love with Tenma and trys to figure out how to tell her. It's a major laugh feast! Also Highly Recommended!

    3) Fruits Basket. Freshmen orphan, Tohru Honda lives in the house of Yuki Sohma, the school prince. He and his family has a secret. Whenever a person of the opposite sex hugs them, or if they get stressed out, they turn into the 12 animals of the zodiac. Its really cute and funny:)

    For Action:

    1) The Slayers: Sorceress Lina Inverse travels with her new protector Gourry and trys to find new ways to make tons of cash and to use her powers to save the world. Very funny, but also action packed!some romance There are 3 seasons after the first.

    2) Naruto: Orphaned Ninja Naruto travels with his team and discovers his powers, and his determination to become Hokage! and also his love for ramen... Funny, well animated, and alot of action. A little romance, but not alot.

    And My Favorite:

    1) Sgt Frog: A invasion team of frogs from Keron come to the house of the Hinatas. They try to take over the world, but always fail. Very funny! lots of action, bad puns and a little romance to top everything off....

    Some of my favs, hopes this helps :)

    Source(s): i like anime:)
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    Howls moving castle is the BEST! Im not gonna tell you what its about because i dont want to ruin to much of that one , but watch it. Fruit basket is a good one, and inuyasha it's in japanese but it's still good and has captions about a half demon looking for these shards from this crystal that broke you should watch it it's really good. Best of luck and have fun merry christams!

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    All of the Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli animated movies are great, even if some of them are older.

    I like "Spirited Away." It's very sentimental.

  • 9 years ago

    one piece has like 500 something episodes, i'm at episode 205 and from all that there was only about 2 filler episodes. the animation isn't top notch, but the story is awesome!

    Source(s): watch it for free on hulu, then buy the dvd if you like it! i have collection 1 and 2! :)
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    9 years ago

    Highschool of the Dead

    Zombie anime and theirs not that many of those

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    9 years ago

    Full metal alchemist


    Ghost shell (never watched it before)

    Death note

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    9 years ago

    Death note

    Angel beats!



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    9 years ago


    death note

    blood plus

    those animes are cool ^.^

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