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Can I apply Henna to wet hair?

I have been using rainbow henna for a long time now. Normally I apply it to my dry hair. But I was thinking it might be easier if my hair was wet. Could I apply it to wet hair? Or would the color not turn out right if I did that?

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    It would dilute the henna, and it might cause the henna to run as well.

    Source(s): Henna artist, and user of henna for hair.
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    I've been using Henna for about 4years now (4c hair for the most part) and I've done both. I didn't notice much of a difference as far as effectiveness but definitely easier and takes less time with damp hair. Not a hair stylist but I am a biology major and it doesn't make sense to think that the water from your hair would dilute the henna; the amount that you mix in 1gram/1 square/whatever you use is what's there. The concentration of henna per square inch of your hair should be the same. If it is a concern use less water in your mixture, leave it thicker/ more paste less yogurt, and it should balance out. At the end of the day you have to figure out what works best for your hair and schedule.

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    I have been using henna for 5 years. This year I started using it on damp hair. I just make sure it is not too wet that it runs onto my forehead. If you have thick hair like me, it makes it much EASIER. When my hair was dry it was hard to get it to spread out over my hair. it would then get clumpy and fall all over the place. Over time I have found out that in order for henna to take in color in my hair, I need to make sure it stays moist. By putting it on damp hair, I no longer have to put a damp towel on top of my head the whole time. The hair stylist above said it is less effective. I would have to disagree with that(for me anyways). For me the color takes in better. I cut down the amount of time I need to keep it in my hair. I was once leaving it in for 6-8 hours, I now leave it in for 2-3 hours.

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    If you apply it to wet hair, the water on your hair will dilute the henna dye. It will not be as effective if your hair is wet.

    Source(s): Hairstylist/Cosmetologist.
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