poll: what do you think is the golden age of hollywood films between the following periods?

Classical Hollywood cinema: between roughly the 1910s and the early 1960s. the period was dominated by musicals and historical epics. the period characterized by continuity editing and human person as the focal point. some movie experts said that image is like a moving picture(photograph).

notable actors: james dean, marlon brando, elizabeth taylor, john wayne, audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe.

notable directors: alfred hitchcock, orson welles, frank capra

notable films: all about eve, citizen kane, west side story, casablanca, gone with the wind

New Hollywood a.k.a American New Wave: from late 1960's to early 1980's. the period was in the counter-culture, hippie movements, people seek freedom. the directors were comparatively way younger. the period where directors became experimental, more daring, more focus on realism. the period where hays code and censorship decline. people born between 1930's to 1950's became matured. the era was dominated by crime, war/anti-war, gangster, come into age, and road film genres. protagonist with antagonist characteristics were romanticized. influenced by japanese, french new waves and spaghetti western.

notable actors: dustin hoffman, faye dunaway, robert de niro, al pacino, jack nicholson, diane keaton, anne bancroft, jane fonda, martin sheen

notable directors: martin scorsese, woody allen, francis ford coppola, william friedkin, stanley kubrick, mike nichols, brian de palma, michael cimino

notable films: who's afraid on virginia woolf, the graduate, bonnie and clyde, easy rider, midnight cowboy, mash, patton, godfather 1&2, chinatown, nashville, the sting, annie hall, taxi drive, apocalypse now, raging bull, scarface

Contemporary Hollywood: from mid-1980's to present period. where the technology in films keep on growing. 3-d films. blockbuster mentality between directors and producers. high-concept films. suitable for mass audience because it can easily understand in one statement. highly profitable in nature.

notable actors: tom cruise, brad pitt, angelina jolie, will smith

notable directors: stevie spielberg, george lucas, james cameron, quintin tarantino

notable films: jaws, star wars franchise, avatar, titanic,brave heart, lord of the rings trilogy, harry potter franchise.

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    defiantly classic movies had a sweet innocence about them

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