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If you had to give one of your friends' name for the BEST FRIEND Award 2011 Nominees, whom would you choose?

BQ: Why?

thanks ... tc, keep :)

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    SUNSHINE and my other best friend!!! :D :D

    BQ- well they have always been there for me when i needed them, whenever i wanted to talk to someone they were there. when i was feeling low they listened to my chatter. when i was happy and i was acting silly they tolerated me. :) whenever i whined about something they listened to me go on and on. they rock like that :)

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    Jeez there's so many. :D

    John, because we share so many interests and have been through a lot. He's an amazing trumpet player and he's one of the funnest people to be around. He's so chill and understanding.

    Kaylaa, because she always makes me laugh so much. She comes up with awesome jokes about stuff and she doesn't even have to try. She's so funny, and she's a really good friend to chill with, and she listens to me very well.

    Erik, because he's the only one I can fully confide to, and me for him as well. We have some good memories and he's such an awesome listener. We tell everything to eachother, and always make eachother laugh. He's the most trustworthy friend I have.

    And last of all, Jasmine. Jasmine and I have been friends since 6th grade. We've had so many good memories together, and I hope for more to come. She's really pretty and stylish, and is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She's super smart, and really good at drawing. We had almost every class together in middle school. We've been through it all, good and rough. We've cried with eachother. We've even dated. She just means so much to me. She's dating another guy named Nick though. Ever since, we've been growing more and more apart. We're still friends, but not like we used to be. Sometimes I really miss her, even though I see her every day. I just want to wake up and have everything the way it was before. But I've made new friends, and she as well. I still consider her a best friend.

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    There would be a tie between three best friends I must mention for 2011...

    Justin...has been a constant very close best friend for nine years, he never lets me down, has seen me through the good and the bad...he is the brightest, most decent, kind, honest and loving person I know.

    Travis...I have never been closer to someone than him. He was my fiance for over a year, and my bestest friend. We totally understand each other, are very much alike...the love of my life, bestest friend ever...there could never be another him.

    Jim...has been a very supportive, understanding, kind and loving very close best friend the last few months.

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    8 years ago

    I would choose thee person i tell everything to.

    The one who makes me laugh the one who i am not afraid to cry in front of.

    The one who loves me the most and the one i love the most ( as a friend)

    I would also choose the one that i know is a good influence for me

    I love my BFFs

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    i would chose my mom. like most ;likly she isnt but i would still put her because like she is always there for you sense you were a baby until now so far. she always been cleaning up after you and doing what ever it is to make you happy. yes you guys get into fights sometimes but she has to be your best friend after all you make up. you can trust your mom with almost anything. also you stay at her house with out paying a penny. i love my momma!

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    Well i started off with a great group of friends until this other girl came along and they all went off with her. So i was left on my own but then Megan became my friend and showed me what a REAL friend could be like. Thanks Megan!

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    Practically speaking there is nothing like true friend . everyone in this world are selfish when comes to there interest and benefits . everyone are opportunists . im telling this after experiencing . but yes there are some good souls are there , but its very rare to find one like that , i got cheated by many so called true friends , but i know its my fault to assume them as true , but pain they gave will never vanishes from heart .. so there is no true friend in my life ..

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    8 years ago

    my best friend i have known since 7th grade, she's always there for me and she's very kind, smart and helpful. she loves doing volunteer work and shes a great person im very proud of her. we've just always gotten along very well and she's a great friend.

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