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noelle asked in SportsSurfing · 8 years ago

First Longboard, help?

SO. I'm really really excited about getting a longboard (: and I don't really know what I strictly want to do with it, I like the idea of carving and of course cruising, but I really want an all around board for my first one.

Here are the boards I really want to choose between :

Loaded Dervish

BC Moray

BC Eel

Landyatchz switchblade

I really like the bc moray and dervish, the all seem so good.

So, if you could give me your opinion on what I should get and even what set up I should get would be great (: Thanks!

oh and the prices are not a problem I saw them all and they're in my range (:

3 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Umm you should also look into boards like :

    Landyachtz 9 two 5

    Landyachtz Switch 37 (Bear Grizzly 852, Zombie Hawgs)

    Landyachtz Switch 42

    But the Loaded Dervish Flex 2 is one of the best longboards out there !!

    Here are some sites:

    Just ask around but these are some good trucks:

    Paris 180mm

    Bear Grizzly 852

    And good wheels:

    Orangatang wheels (stimulus etc)

    Abec 11 Flashbacks, ZigZags etc.


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  • Janet
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    4 years ago

    You'll want a skateboard if you're just wanting to do tricks. The longboards are for more of a smooth ride... :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i'd say if you just wanna cruze check out the Arbor hybrid koa, or the Santa cruz Landshark ive tried both and they're legite

    Source(s): 6+ yrs of surfing and double that for cruising
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