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Which weight class do you think Manny Pacquiao was at his absolute peak at?

Since he did great at both Featherweight and Welterweight, I wonder which weight class he was better at?


actually the Super Featherweight is what he also did great at not Featherweight but here are the oppositions.

Super Featherweight wins:

Marco Antonio Barerra

Eric Morales

Jorge Solis

Hector Velasquez

Oscar Larios

Welterweight wins:

Miguel Cotto

Joshua Clottey

Antonio Margarito

Shane Mosely

I didn't add Marquez in either because those wins were very controversial

Update 2:

BQ: Do you think Manny Pacquiao is a bit close to being the most popular boxer since big heavyweight names like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali?(yeah I asked that because I heard a rumor on a website saying that they'll put Pacquiao in an exhibition match against an unknown fighter like Muhammad Ali did because they think it will gain a lot of attraction no matter what.)

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    Superfeatherweight no question. That was the only weight he was at where he fought really REALLY good fighters who were at or near their prime. Back when his promoter wasn't afraid of him losing lol.

    Barrera, Morales, and Marquez. Win, lose, or draw, he gave them ALL hell.

    I miss that Manny Pacquiao :(

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  • Stone
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    8 years ago

    135lb. lightweight he was a total beast against Diaz. Shame he didn't hang around at lightweight a bit longer, I though he looked very impressive. That being said I think super-featherweight was his absolute prime.

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