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How do i gain more muscle?

Im 16 and currently 126 pounds. I'm very desperate in gaining some muscle, so i've been working out at a friends for the past couple months. Since then i've gained noticeably bigger pecs, arms, abs, and traps. However, i'm still really light and look really small because i have one muscle that i literally have none of: Deltoids. My shoulders are soo scrony its embarrassing. I've been doing lateral raises but i haven't been feeling any soreness after the workouts. Bodybuilders and workout buffs: help me please! Also, i have a really fast metabolism, and i consume just about 3000 calories per day and i still have trouble gaining weight. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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    You're sixteen, and physically active, which explains why you can get away with the high calorie count. Enjoy that while it lasts -- that ability goes away later in life. I presume the 3K calories are based on mostly healthy, protien-rich foods. If so, it sounds like you're doing the right things, so don't get frustrated at flow progress.

    Pull-downs, especialy behind the neck, will help develop your deltoids. Get a trainer -- even if only for a few sessions -- because you may not have an objective look at your own body. The trainer will also help you do it right. Ask your girlfriend what she thinks of your body (chances are she likes it). So you're good. Just keep at it!

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